Glasgow City Centre - An Activities Guide

Glasgow City Centre - An Activities Guide


Up there with the world's most livable cities, Glasgow and its city centre are among the most beautiful and hotly visited settlements in the United Kingdom. The best thing about the city is its surprising list of amazing attractions and features, which keep pulling millions of tourists each year.

Glasgow city centre hotels come in a range of prices and styles, from budget accommodation to high-end five star hotels. The airport is found near the town of Renfrew, just 15kms west of the city centre. Don't forget about the Glasgow Prestwick Airport some 50kms away too. Trains are also extremely convenient from Glasgow Attractions Edinburgh or larger English cities.

For an in-depth look at the city centre activities, read through the following guide below:

Tours: Glasgow boasts so many wonderful attractions, even though many of the medieval sites have long since vanished. Bus tours and bike tours are very popular within the downtown area, but independent tours of sites are also available. Some of the most visited sites in the city centre include the Glasgow University, Glasgow Cathedral and the modern, Sydney Opera House-inspired Clyde Auditorium. Sightseeing the city is one thing, but doing it with a tour guide gives so much more depth and appreciation to the city centre.

Nightlife: there is nothing better for travellers to do at night than to head into the city centre and enjoy a pint of beer or a shot of whiskey with the locals. The Glaswegians are some of the friendliest people to meet, especially when it comes to the pub scene. There are also plenty of nightclubs for the younger tourists.

Parks: Glasgow is one of the greenest cities in the United Kingdom. There are so many beautiful parks to explore while holidaying the city. They generally provide the perfect locations to unwind and escape from the chaos of the surrounding streets. Glasgow Green is the city's most loved park. It is situated just to the southeast of Glasgow central, and includes Nelson's Memorial, large green spaces, Winter Gardens, and the Doulton Fountain. West End is also a great place to find parks, including the Botanical Gardens and Kelvingrove Park.

Comedy Shows: Glasgow contains a healthy comedy scene, which stems around the Magners Glasgow International Comedy festival each year. Several places around the downtown districts of the city regularly host comedy performances. Highlight is found in the heart of Glasgow, and is one of the more popular stand-up comedy establishments to experience. Several spots in West End also withhold regular comedy shows.

Cinema and Theatre: theatres are found across the city. There are numerous performances found somewhere in the city each week. The Theatre Royal hosts the more international or high-end performances, including operas and ballet performances. The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall also plays host to many shows each year.