Injecting human judgement into a grading system

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Based on our model as well as the most recent data set that was published in Madden's website Madden website, it was possible to identify a few players over which Madden and a model-based method appear to have a difference as well as the results are interesting.

Injecting human judgement into a grading system isn't always a bad thing. Daniel Sorensen is a good illustration. He's had a disastrous year in the Kansas City Chiefs, and the reason is their defense's surrender of 69.5 points in excess of what was expected this year. The team is 31st overall in the league. Sorensen's game has earned him the team a coverage grade which is 42.2 from 100 points from Pro Football Focus and an overall grade of 35.5. However, despite his struggles He's still swift! Based on his speed on the field as measured by player tracking data, we'd expect an unrestricted model-based speed grade for Sorensen of 89 or so, seven points higher than Madden's week 9 grade of 82. Perhaps the folks at EA don't want to provide a player having a similar performance to Sorensen with a high score in a crucial area like speed rating, since it's a massive impact on gameplay. And If that's the case, it's hard to fault the EA team.

Other notable exceptions include Chiefs Wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who is the fastest speed score in the entire game of Madden at 99. Hill is certainly fast, and maybe there's a split here but his best-ever speed of 22.8 mph is good for only fourth place on buy Mut 22 coins the list since 2017.3 Additionally, his current average weekly speed which is very respectable isn't anywhere near his 50th place in the league.