You need to have a Staff of Air and around 1,895 law runes

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As you begin, you want to buy some Mind Runes and Air Staff. You can use one of the Strike Spells - - Wind Strike. Go fight Goblins to the east of OSRS gold the castle, or Cows at northeast farm.

Buy some Cosmic Runes Staff of Water for water runes and Sapphire Rings. If you cast an Enchant Ring you can make Rings of Recoil which is an item that is popular and can make you a little bit of profit to buy new Runes. It will take a about 500 casts to get level 27 and begin a new method.

From level 27 you can utilize the levels 27-27 to use 2 The Enchanting spell. This spell can be used on Emerald Rings to create Rings of Duelling. The purchase of Cosmic Runes or Staffs of the Air may be necessary. You can repeat this incantation 1,000 times until you reach the level 43. This should take less than an hour.

Once you have cast your Curse spell on an opponent you, it's a timer which must be elapsed before using it against the same opponent. This timer can be circumvented by splashing since it will not affect the opponent. Be sure to remember that you must have a Negative Magic stat. Monk of Zamorak is located at Varrock Palace is commonly used to punch a bag of RuneScape gamers. It is possible to take the victim to an arena to curse him for a bit.

Within RuneScape you can apply Superheat on ores in order to create bars of them. e.g. casting it onto Gold Ore will result in creating Gold Bars. But if you do not want to spend a lot of money, I suggest using Iron Ores.

You need to have a Staff of Air and around 1,895 law runes. When acquired, you repeatedly play Camelot Teleport, which should result in a gain of 55,5 experience per casting, or 80,000 experience per hour. Every law rune is priced at around 180-200 GP that's why it's expensive and you might want to buy runescape 3 gold read some gold making guide so that your law rune's flow doesn't go down the drain.