NBA 2K22 is the latest version of the NBA 2K series

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For this reason, players have noticed that if you are in NBA 2K22 MT the tester, sometimes it will allow you to do the Curry Slide. To know if you have this Curry Slide in the build tester, or perform the move in general, hold either the RT and R2 button on your controller and then flick across the diagonal of your left hand away form your ball hand.

If you've got the Curry Slide Animation from the first try, quit out of the tester and launch your MyCareer. The animation will remain in your player as long you don't alter it to the "Normal" size-up Escape Package that is in MyPlayer's Playermaking Moves Animations Slot. If you don't have Curry Slide Animation available in your build tester, you can simply leave and come back to try again.

At the moment, it remains unclear if any build will be able to get this feature and whether 2K will patch the method and allow you to take it up if you are interested in. The new consoles will allow players to access the penthouses in NBA 2K22 by collecting MVP points. There are many chances to earn these points.

NBA 2K22 is the latest version of the NBA 2K series, and it includes new features as well as several gameplay modifications that distinguish it from its predecessors. There are also certain game mechanics and areas which are exclusive to modern consoles. This means that they have 2 versions. One of the most significant differences between these versions is the inclusion of the City on consoles that are more recent, and everything that comes with this new playable area.

The new console NBA 2K22 has new quests, activities, and Buy NBA 2K MT an increase in non-playable characters. The game also comes with the WNBA game, which was not available in the previous version. The main zone in the next-gen version is called the City.