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place. Your data should be meaningful and used to support your organization's mission.


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Artwork Archive CRM: How to improve donor relationships and prevent loss

It's important to continue growing your donor base for the long-term success of your organization. However building relationships with your existing network is equally important.


One of the crucial drivers of long term sustainability is sustainability.


Because critical data can be integrated into the same CRM system, it assists you and the organization to understand and improve your donor relationships.


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place. Your data should be meaningful and used to support your organization's mission.


Artwork Archive's database is relational. This means that contact details are directly linked to their respective documents like invoices.


It allows you to track all the gifts you've shared with one person, as well as all prior correspondence.


Anything you communicate with a contact whether it is in Private Rooms or Reports, will be recorded on their personal contact record.


You can share information with all your contacts at once.


NOTE: A Contact Group can also be shared with. Once the report is shared with the group, everyone will be issued an Share Record.


Contact record. This is an excellent way to seamlessly communicate with specific sets of contacts, such as top-level lenders, donors local




Keeping track of all details will help you stay organized but empowers you with the knowledge and tools you require.


Your existing donors will feel valued and engaged. This could lead to greater fundraising!