Here are some potential

Both news and equally harmful. Here are some potential dangers to art


Unexpected threats to Art Collection

We all know the main threats to our treasured artifacts, including theft and natural catastrophes. There are other dangers that aren't as well-known. sceneunited scene united Website scene united com headusnext head us next Website head us next com 

Both news and equally harmful. Here are some potential dangers to art collections and collectors we believe you should be aware of.


Cyber risk

Your art is part of your home. It's your backdrop for the day. It's likely to be visible on your social media. Think about how you share your spaces


digitally. It is possible to secure inventory, and then upload an Instagram photo featuring your prized Picasso as the background.

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Your family and you are on safari in Africa. You share photos of the trip. A potential and observant criminal will conclude that your home is not the place you reside.


Your Picasso. Thanks to your Instagram post, the thief knows exactly what wall to look for the painting. Cue: theft.


You might have multiple protocols, but your digital presence can often be overlooked. Think carefully about how you connect your spaces.


social media


Social gatherings

You may not always be in control of what you share on social media. Also, there are plenty of opportunities to post and take photos during social events.