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They are required to do so for a given project. Then our algorithms are able to match them.

We discovered that getting paid was one of the most challenging issues faced by freelance artists in our research as we set up up Art Mavens Pro.

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Paying on time and getting paid on time -- this is why the platform we designed includes funds that are not paid. Freelancers get paid immediately after completing the project.


role, or the agreed-upon milestones, or on a weekly basis, etc.


AA - How does Art Mavens Pro function?

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LH: For employersIt's free to post open positions on the Art Mavens platform. The freelancer can post their expertise. The prospective employer enters the budget


They are required to do so for a given project. Then our algorithms are able to match them.


Employers love how every candidate has been screened and vetted. They also love how every candidate has been verified.


We believe that the platform will prove beneficial to employers looking to fill short-term art projects.


managers, or seeking additional help to manage an art fair booth, for example. Galleries might need additional support because of the shift towards digital.


Digital marketing, image manipulation as well as social media marketing strategies are just some of the numerous options.


Art Mavens is free of annual charges. The service is free for employers. After the job has been accepted, there will be a 2% admin fee. For freelancers, there is an option to pay