Select the blue arrow

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Select the blue arrow next to the report's name

Choose the report you'd like to share. Select the blue arrow next to the report's name, and then click 'Share' dailyhealthstudy daily health study Website daily health study com finalcooking final cooking Website final cooking com 

 Find the contact in whom the report should be to be sent. Write a brief message to explain what it is you're sending and personalize the email then click



 You can also share with an entire Contact Group. You can select the existing group in the 'Groups" drop-down menu. After the report has been shared, it can be shared with

 The group will then make the Share Record for each individual's contact record.

 Every time you share a report the Share Record will be noted on the 'Reports' page, next to the report under 'Info.'

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 You can also view the entire Share Records for a particular contact. This includes all Reports and Private Rooms shared with that individual, even if you