The new villa dungeon in The Elder Scrolls Online has some of the best bosses

Only ESO players with superior intelligence can stand in the end. So they had better buy more ESO Gold in advance. Let’s go!


The annual adventure in The Elder Scrolls Online has finally begun. Players can now enter fiery hellscape, the Deadlands through the opened The Gates of Oblivion. And besides it, other iconic locations are now open. Players will complete two dungeon missions in this content, namely Black Drake Villa and The Cauldron. The former requires players to search for powerful artifacts in dilapidated villas, while the latter requires players to destroy the worship of powerful Daedra followers. There is no doubt that players who complete these tasks will receive generous trophies and ESO Gold as rewards.

The ruler in the villa is the Longhouse Emperors, a dynasty of Reachmen ruled by Cyrodiil, and it is full of troubles. The developers claim that they have built a secret library under the villa, which is an area full of ancient knowledge, and fans’ favorite characters will appear in Everi Sharp-Arrow. There are many players who choose to complete the former task. The external brilliance concealed the internal danger. This vast building is like a gem on the Gold Coast of Cyrodiil. This Roman-style villa with columns, towers and domes screams wealth in its heyday. Now, it hosts a group of creepy mercenaries named True-Sworn.

Players still need to face the attacks of many goblins and beasts before entering the villa. So it requires players to make a battle plan in advance to prevent the entire army from being destroyed before entering the villa. Speaking of the upcoming horror, Black Drake Villa embodies ESO’s new dungeon style, which includes three bosses, each with its own hard work mode to meet experienced players who are eager for new challenges. The first Minotaur, Kinras Ironeye, is waiting for the players in the next yard.

Black Drake Villa alone has made it difficult for most players to resist. If they have to complete The Cauldron, it is impossible to achieve without enough Elder Scrolls Online Gold as material support. The advantage is that they can get an exciting and thrilling combat experience and reap an incalculable amount of loot. Only players with superior intelligence can stand in the end. So they had better buy more ESO Gold in advance. Let’s go!

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