Home construction cost of a new home vs. a developed one

Find the cost of building a house vs. buying a developed one according to a Wellington construction company. Here are the answers to all your cost related questions.


Owning a dream house is what most of us want. A home that you can call your own makes you want to put more effort into achieving it. If you’re willing to move a step further towards this dream, there are several factors to consider at the same time. From the cost to build your house to planning how much space you need. The most important aspect, however, remains the home construction cost. Why so? There are plenty of reasons to think of the cost in the first place. To start off, everything will be new and you have to build it from scratch. Be it the carpets, sink, dishwasher to a small side table by your bedside, there is a cost to all. 

In this guide, you’ll get all the answers to your question, “how much does it cost to build a dream home in New Zealand?” As this is a very common, yet crucial question most of the new home buyers seek details about, let’s break down it as:

  • Designing a new home vs. a developed one
  • What Pushes Cost Up? 
  • What can be a cheaper alternative? 

Designing a new home vs. a developed one

As per many surveys and studies across the borders, people think that purchasing an already developed home costs less than building a new. True that a developed home can save you up to 15%. Also, it saves your time, energy, and stress. On the other hand, to design and build a custom floor plan adds the cost of hiring an architect and other experts. On an average, the overall breakdown of building a new home looks somewhat like this: 

  • Cost of labour: 30% to 60% 
  • Cost of material: 30% to 50% 
  • Other administrative, design, and permit cost: 10% to 25%

By this point, you may be thinking that purchasing a developed home seems more feasible. Before jumping to the conclusion, read through the next sections to get a clearer picture about your home construction cost.  

What Pushes Home Construction Cost Up? 

If you’re considering investing in a home that is already built, there are a few concerns that my push up the cost, not now but in the near future: 

Hidden Defects

There can be various hidden defects like incorrect electrical wirings, inadequate waterproofing or grading etc. 

Some Missing Necessities

An existing home or building may not include everything you need or want. These missing necessities in the interior or exteriors can add to your expenses. 

Pricey Upgrades

You may want to upgrade the materials the builder used. For instance, you want granite countertops to bay windows and oversize bathrooms rather than hardwood flooring. Just make sure you know what you’re looking for so that you don’t feel ripped at the end. 

A cheaper alternative for new home seekers 

For new home seekers, there is a cheaper alternative to turn your dream to own a house into reality - house and land package from Stonewood Homes. Our packages are completely flexible and support your urgency to perfectly suit the Kiwi way of living.  Building a new home just became simple and enjoyable with Wellington construction company, the best-rated home builders and designers. 

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