No, well it could be, but the forum rules say it can't be.

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Can this F2P? No, well it could be, but the forum rules say it can't be. What would stunned be? Not being able to do anything for RuneScape gold 2 seconds and bright yellow celebrities wizzing around your head. Which are incentives for killing people? If there are not any, why bother? There are no incentives aside from staying in the stadium picking up things, knock more opponents out for less thing competion. How can invites work?

Prayers are limited to level 70. So why bother training the skill any greater? Just for a skillcape? Longer"Safeguard From Melee"? I have a couple of prayer ideas, they could be overly helpful or completely useless but they are just ideas from the top of my mind. When you strike an enemy with Magic, they'll be binded (30 seconds) if the prayer is triggered while casting. Also, they cannot attack back if they've ranged or magic capabilities (Automatically halves your Prayer).

Level 56 - High Winds. Gives you the edge on ranging. If you shoot an arrow while the prayer is triggered, it will cause the creature to take 3 steps back (Quarters your Prayer). Level 63 - Shield from poison. While utilizing this prayer, you cannot be poisoned. Level 66 - Demonic Strength. Your strength is raised by 30%.

Level 66 - Balanced Mind. Your attack is increased by 30%. MUST BE WEARING A SARADOMIN ITEM TO ACTIVATE. Your defense is raised by 30 percent (The above prayers can be triggered at the same time) Level 71 - Backpack Saviour. When you die, 6 of your best things will be kept. Level 80 - Godly If you reach -10% of your HP, then you will be fully healed (Automatically reduces prayer to 1 when employed )

Level 87 - Teleport. Gives you the option of teleporting to MONASTERY ENTRANA (no weapons or armor) GRAVE OF SCORPIUS should you teleport, your prayer is reduced to 0 and it is likely to lose up to 3 things while teleporting (arbitrary ) Level 95 - Protect from Damage. Protects you from damage (not including toxin )

Level 98 - Summon Inferno. If the prayer is busy at less than 20% health, 6-11 Inferno Zombies (level-63) will appear out of fire and allow you to Best OSRS Gold site attack the monster (in case you are not under attack and at less than 20% health, you will get a message"I am currently not under assault") Just ideas. I wouldn't like to be flamed though.