Sneakerheads2020 will further prepare Dunk's low lineup for ladies this year, including this new "multicolor" reproduction. Nike is doing something. Until recently Dunk, Low has appeared in a few women-only color channels, to say the least, it seems that it will not give up anytime soon. This version requires a new and interesting multi-color reproduction, anyone can fall behind. This Dunk Low has the all-leather base we are used to, with white leather on the toes, side panels and ankles, making everything classic. Then, colorful coverings were placed on the toes, eye masks, ankles and the Nike Swoosh logo in yellow, blue, red and green. In order to complete the colorful variants, black laces are used from here, socks, tongue brands, and rubber outsoles are all taken in dark colors.

2020 Air Jordans has another special reproduction of their Air Max 95, which will be released to the ladies this spring and summer 2021 season, combining pink and luxurious aesthetics into a "sparkling" iteration. Since last year’s 25th anniversary, Nike will launch all new color channels for a long time in 2021, as they have realized all the needs silhouettes actually have. This reproduction will be down for ladies with clean color schemes and smooth finishes, this pair may be a go to many upcoming spring and summer. With classic, textile, leather and suede transformations, pink tones are dramatically added to the entire upper part, while white accents the tongue, ankles and lace. In order to complete the design, a white midsole, aging air unit and pink rubber outer pads will be added to the bottom.

Paul Rodriguez and Nike SB will give up another collaboration, in the "What P-Rod" version, to celebrate the past P-Rod signature color matching. If any skates helped Nike SB Dunk Low get to where they are today, it would be Paul Rodriguez. As one of the well-known figures in the skating world, P-Rod has owned Nike SB from the beginning and has been a brand spokesperson for a long time. During this time, the skater also saw quite a few of his own cooperative signature shoes, and now celebrates all in a pair of kicks through the theme of "what". This kick is drawn from his signature shoe series, as well as some of his personal designs from his P-Rod line.