Interior design ideas to illusion your small place a lot bigger

If you’ve already discussed your new home with the builders, it is time to think of some interior design ideas that will make a smaller room appear bigger.


Have you recently approached a house and package company to discuss your new project? If yes, great! Now is the correct time to look through different interior design ideas to visualize how you can fit things to maximize the space and minimize the clutter. If some of your planned rooms’ interior needs to be designed with little smartness, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll get to know some of the trendiest ideas that not only make your room appear to be bigger but at the same time, aesthetically pleasing. To name it, these are some small space design ideas. 

Small space design ideas for your new home 

Having a larger space doesn’t necessarily mean you have to fill it with unnecessary furniture and styles. Listed here are quite unique but doable styles for your new place. 

Use Reflective Materials

White lacquered walls and glossy tiles are seen as a clever solution to create an illusional space. The materials are highly reflective and generate the same maximizing effect like a mirror. Used reflective materials bounce the light and make space airier. 

Pocket doors 

Pocket doors have one portion covered by glass. This glass window like on the door allows shared light to flow through the same space. It also creates a separation smartly while not making the space appear tight and packed. Plus point to note is that these take up pretty much less space than a normal swing door. 

Don’t add bulky furniture 

Adding bulky furniture to a small room automatically makes the space limited. Try not to shop for big and bulky furniture. Using colorful or neutral natural textures of timber is also a good idea to set a happier mood in your tiny yet spacey room. 

Shrink your dining table size 

Small, round-shaped dining tables are the best to accommodate in a tiny space. This will give you some extra space to move around in the area. Also, days are gone when hefty dining tables were in trend. Modern homes require only minimum features. 

Mount Your TV

Mounting your TV is a common yet clever solution to make some extra room especially in the bedrooms. Even if you’re planning to mount the TV in your living room, mount it on the wall or above the fireplace so that your floor space isn’t captured. 

Multi Purposing is the key

Try to look for furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes. For example, a table that can function as a workstation, dining or a study desk. A sofa that can double as a guest bed and so on. There are many physical and online stores that now sell such types of furniture. 

Keep the tones neutral

Calm and neutral tones are the best choice if you’re planning to make your room appear spacious without putting too much effort into it. However, use other useful interior design ideas to create some variety of textures so that the space doesn’t fall apart. 


These are just a few of the interior design ideas. If you have more ideas to implement, talk them out with your home and land package company. Designing and planning the interiors of your home can no doubt be exciting, the process to do it can also be overwhelming, but achieving just the ideal space could be challenging. For more ideas, you can always visit a Stonewood Homes show home - New Zealand’s best value home builder. Visit the website to know more about who we are and what we can do to bring your dream home to reality. 

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