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Visit a showhome Auckland north shore to discover the quality you can expect when you build with Stonewood.
To experience quality homes, you need to step into our Auckland show homes.

Visit a showhome Auckland north shore to discover the quality you can expect when you build with Stonewood. 
To experience quality homes, you need to step into our Auckland show homes. That's where you'll feel the little things that make a home more worthwhile, the considered lighting, the beautiful floors, or the way our fittings are crafted to the millimeter.  
Some of the services that our team can facilitate, as part of the home building services, include:
  • Site assessment
  • Surveying, Geotech reports, engineering, contour plans
  • Large scale renovation work
  • Complete design and build services, concept to completion
  • Submission and achievement of resources consents and building consents
  • Interior design and landscaping
There are various facts about Show homes Auckland North Shore. Let us learn more about them:
Act as a Storefront- The show home in Auckland serves as a home store for people interested in buying a home. They display how capable they are of constructing a living space for prospective buyers.
Sample work of the builders- Once you enter the show home, you get to check the quality of the work and material and the efforts that the builders are ready to put into your project. If you have already done so by visiting, you can figure out the style that the different builders are adopting and then easily compare them. 
Get to encounter the floor plan- The floor plans usually look good on the papers, but things could be different once they come into execution. When you start with touring Auckland show homes, you may begin to get an idea about the rooms' actual dimensions and construction and other spaces in the house. Another thing that goes beyond just observance is the liking of space formation or structure.
Helps to generate ideas- The show homes are a great way to get inspired. When you look around the different samples, you know what is trending in the market and how people are adopting newer ways to decorate their homes and maximize the available functionalities in the living space.
They are also available as quick possessions- The builders mostly bring out the opportunity for many buyers to get the show homes ready to move in possessions. Such offers come up usually in the fall or when the majority of the houses are sold. 
Thus, the show homes are a great way to see what is happening around the home trends and analyze the quality offered by builders. We have the expertise you need to turn your dreams into reality and build your new homes. We can build from your plans, create a unique design, or use one of our many award-winning standard designs to guide you through the whole design and build process seamlessly. Our sales team will talk to you about the exclusive features of the home in a relaxed atmosphere. We have an efficient team working with you to ensure the whole project runs smoothly and you move happily to your new house.