fume purification integrated system of the main structure and maintenance

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fume purification integrated system belongs to the mechanical jitter dust precipitator. Its basic structure is composed of three parts: fan, filter and dust collector. Each part is installed in a vertical frame, steel shell, drying paint anti-rust, easy to operate and use. Fan adopts centrifugal fan, large air volume, high wind pressure, and adopts noise reduction measures, low noise. Filter using flat cloth bag group, each bag is equipped with spring steel mesh, filtering effect is good. The flyaway mechanism uses the motor to drive the eccentric wheel and connecting rod to make the bag shake and stick to the dust on the surface of the filter bag. The dust collector is equipped with an access door for easy maintenance and bag changing.

fume purification integrated system maintenance instructions are as follows:

1. fume purification integrated system add LC-250 high drop point synthetic grease to air pump bearing once every 1000 hours and replace the grease once a year.

2. During the use of the equipment, the air pump filter should be cleaned once every half month to ensure the air path.

fume purification integrated system check the film in the pulse valve once or twice a year. If damaged or aged, it should be replaced in time.

fume purification integrated system often check the grease in the fuel tank of the fume purification integrated system and add it in time.

Five, fume purification integrated system open the inspection door every week, check whether the dust removal cloth bag is normal, whether the surface dust is too much, and find the reason, remove the fault.

Six, if the fault is found, stop the machine in time, find the reason, and then use it after repair.

Dust collector is, voltage, from the dust collector external wire street power supply can start to use, the initial operation, should pay attention to the fan rotation direction (such as reversal, need to replace the power wiring. The cover of the dust collector control cabinet can not be opened at will in the studio. If it is necessary to adjust the dust cleaning time or overhaul the circuit, it should be stopped or cut off the power supply. According to the nature of dust and dust concentration, adjust the timing of cleaning. The dust cover is the key part of the dust collector in the state. The user should make the ideal dust cover by connecting according to the shape size of the workpiece and the nature of the dust, and designing the dust cover near, sealing and conveniently.

fume purification integrated system is not allowed to open the lid of a fume purification integrated system when working. When we need to adjust the cleaning time of the machine or check the circuit, the power supply needs to be cut off. In order to be able to work normally, dust cleaning should be done well. The cleaning time can be determined according to the capacity of dust, generally a class to clean three or four times. When we dust, we need to stop the machine and open the sealed door for cleaning.

fume purification integrated system https://www.kaisenfilter.com/About.html