wholesale Watermelon Fruit Juice Powder

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http://www.greenherbbt.com/ http://www.greenherbbt.com/

wholesale Watermelon Fruit Juice Powder GreenHerb Biological Technology Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of plant extract and other natural ingredients in China. We supply high-quality material with application in the food beverage, nutrition, health and personal care industries. GreenHerb is advantaged for our botanical raw material dealing, producing and professional services. We have an excellent RD, production and sales team. There are purchase department, sales department, production department, quality department, finance department, raw material workshop and office. As a professional supplier of plant extracts, we put the whole operation of our factory under strict quality control, from the planting and purchasing of the raw materials to the manufacturing and packaging of the products. We have an independent RD center equipped with first-class biological equipment and precision testing equipment. Our quality inspection department are equipped with advanced testing machine (HPLC, UV, GC, etc.) and professional technical staff to form a complete set of management system and strict quality control system. Our products range from Standard Plant Extracts, Fruit Powder, Vegetable Powder, Ratio Extract and efficient herbal formula solutions research. GreenHerb believes in Rapid and Efficient to Customers, Healthy and Happy to Families, Responsible and Passion to Careers! We are looking forward to working with you!!!wholesale Watermelon Fruit Juice Powder website:http://www.greenherbbt.com/