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Container Office factory Container Office factory

Container Office factory Wecare portable container home team builds homes to meet your specific needs, whether you are looking for an extra bedroom, a guest room, a cabin at the lake, a detachable office, a coffee bar, a private gym, etc. If you want to do the designing tasks by yourself, we provide floor plans and 3D modeling services to work out a suitable building plan for you, covering choice of colors, flooring, siding, cabinets, countertops, kitchen, bathroom, and more. Compared with traditional house construction, portable container home have the characteristics of low cost, easy assembly, recyclability and long service life. Wecare team will tailor a comfortable residence, office and entertainment space for you according to your needs and design concepts. By assembling multiple independent units up, down, left and right, you can achieve a variety of shapes to meet your individual needs. MODELWK-700FC SizeL 7500* W 5800*H 2450mm WallInsulation rock wool/glass wool/EPS sandwich panel, Both surface color steel plate RoofFrame : Q235 hot dip galvanized steel. Insulation:Rock wool/Glass wool. Top surface: hot galvanized steel plate Ceiling: hot galvanized steel plate FloorFrame : Q235 hot dip galvanized steel. Insulation:Rock wool/Glass wool. Bottom surface: hot galvanized steel plate DoorSteel security door W900mm*H2000mm WindowPVC / Aluminum window W800mm*H1000mm ElectricityOptional standard Install time5 workers complete one 20ft house in one hour Wind resistant120km/H Earthquake resistantUp to Richter 8 Life spanUp to 20 years About the Structure Box body: adopts integral welding technology, steel plate thickness 1.0mm-2.0mm, load capacity 2500kg-5000 kg Frame: adopts light steel structure, material is Q235, thickness is 2mm-3.5mm; Size: The external dimensions are single-box movable house 6000x2400x2591mm (standard 20-foot house); 6000*3000* 2591mm 8000x2438x2591mm; it can also be customized according to customer needs! Floor: Welding on the basis of standard channel steel and square tube purlins as a whole, and add 18mm thick container floor Anticorrosion: epoxy zinc-rich primer, 30渭m thickness, one layer; topcoat, 30渭m thickness, two layers. Standard configurations Insulation: the thickness is 50mm or 75mm; the material is rock wool, glass wool, flame-retardant foam, polyurethane Internal wall: purification board, color steel composite board, decorative board-free composite wood, gypsum board, cement board Internal ground: composite floor, floor leather, checkered board, wooden floor, floor tile Internal ceiling: pvc plastic steel gusset, purification board Electrical appliances: (European or national standard) lighting system, socket system, air conditioning interface, power distribution Box system Door: anti-theft door, silent door, purification door Window: plastic steel window, stainless steel anti-theft net, rain gear Optional: air conditioner, sanitary ware, kitchenware Advantages analysis 1. Structure safe and secure, wind, seismic performance, airtight, good insulation properties. 2. In terms of installation, the foundation requirements are low, the moving and relocation column is convenient, the entry and exit are flexible and convenient, the hoisting speed is fast, and the construction period is short. 3. In terms of cost, it is hoisted as a whole during relocation, with no loss and low relocation costs. 4. In terms of appearance, the overall appearance is beautiful and generous, high-end, neat, and can better enhance the user's corporate image. 5. In terms of use, the number of box houses can be increased or decreased at any time, which is more flexible and more economical than prefabricated houses. 6. In other aspects, the service life is more than 15 years. 7.The portable container home construction is flexible, convenient to move, and can well adapt to the development requirements of the modern transportation industry. The related transportation and loading and unloading facilities are relatively complete, which means that container construction will become the best mobile temporary construction. When first considering a container home, you may find it very overwhelming. Let us walk you through the designing and building process. We are ready to create a suitable container home that fits your budget and imagination!Container Office factory website: