Best GBA iOS Emulators [Complete Guide]

Let's take a glance at the top 5 GBA iOS emulators using the given article so, keep reading!


Do you want to emulate GBA, GBC, GB, or Nintendo games on your iOS smartphone with the finest GBA emulator iOS? So, you are in the proper place. How to install a GBA emulator, without or with a jailbreak, is explained here. iOS 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, and 7 are supported versions for this process.

best gba iOS emulators

Open-source GBA iOS emulator lets you play games like Nintendo, Super Mario Bros., PUBG, and other well-known titles. Emulators provide many built-in features like cloud storage, hardware controller, auto sensors, and cheat that improve gaming and advanced development. 

With the new generation's cloud-saving features, you may easily import or export your game's configuration between other devices because it is stored directly on the server.

Best GBA iOS Emulators

Let's take a glance at the top 5 iOS emulators.

1 - GBA4iOS Emulator

Riley Testut, an iOS developer, built GBA4iOS, a portable Game Boy Advance console that allows you to play GBA or GBC (Game Boy Color) games directly on your smartphone. The most popular console games you may now play on your iPhone smartphone are the Mario series and Pokémon. 

The install GBA4iOS emulator offers a potent gaming engine with highly-requested features like AirPlay, Dropbox sync, cheats, iPad optimization, and many others.

The GBA engine's development was completed a very long time ago. Nevertheless, the creator of this console made it open source, which motivates the independent developer to maintain it. 

The upgraded version has many fantastic features, like the ability to choose between a landscape or portrait layout, save states, skip frames, and fast forward for more rapid gaming. The most excellent part—is that it doesn't require jailbreaking your device.

2 - Delta emulator

Another well-liked ROM that enables you to install GBA games on your iOS or iPhone devices is the Delta console emulator. With this multi-system Emulator, you can play games from the Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64, SNES, and Gameboy on your smartphone. Riley Testut, who also created GBA4iOS, is the creator of this ROM. 

The most recent version of the Emulator has just lifted the requirement for a jailbroken device, which existed in earlier versions. Now that iOS hasn't been jailbroken, you can install the Delta emulator on your smartphone.

The features include data save and load, cheat codes between devices, and Gdrive or Dropbox synchronization. You can connect your device to an external controller or play games using controllers on the game screen.

3 - Happy Chick Emulator

Another well-known and commonly used GBA emulator for iOS is called Happy Chick. It offers various games, including Super Mario Bros., Arena of Valor, Final Fantasy, vintage titles like Pokemon, and my favorite, PUBG. The fact that it works with iOS and Android smartphones is the finest aspect.

Happy Chick works well with the GameSir G5, X1, and Z1. To give their players the best possible user experience, these Gamesir games are frequently updated. The features include cheat codes, quick forward, on-screen controllers, cloud data storage, and simple data loading. Because our iOS Emulator does not require a Jailbroken device, you can use it without hassle.

4 - Provenance Emulator

A multi-emulator iOS emulator with incredible native features is called The Provenance. This Emulator is compatible with many consoles, including Sony, Nintendo, Atari, NEC, Bandai, SNK, and Sega.

ROM customizations, game library searching, multiple options for managing ROMs, game saves and cover art, portrait, and landscape orientation, and automatic ROM matching are among the features. Very accurate and complete speed emulation, save and load states, stereo sound, and battery-saving modules are also included.

Users discover that installing the provenance emulator on any iOS, iPad, or iPhone device with the Cydia approach is the simplest option.

5 - RetroArch Emulator

RetroArch is a free, open-source, cross-platform front-end for media players, video games, game engines, and emulators. It is a reference implementation of the libretto, making it dependable, quick, light, and dependent-free. This Emulator has versions for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. 

Since RetroArch is multi-platform, as soon as you connect your universal joypad to it, it instantly identifies and configures. You can also benefit from recording your gaming session.

The features include taking screenshots, saving and loading states, remapping controls, entering and loading cheats, built-in input remapping, scanning files and directories and adding them to game system collections, eye-candy menus to choose from, downloading programs ('cores') online, eye-candy menus, and viewing database details about each game, with over 80+ programs ('cores') currently available and counting. The absence of push ads, restrictions, and DRM frees RetroArch.

Why is GBA iOS Emulators Not Working?

The "Untrusted developer error" is the most frequent problem experienced by players, and it is also the simplest to fix. The answer has already been provided. We are presenting you with one again. Use the following remedy:

  • Go to Device Management under Settings General.
  • You must locate and trust the Emulator's certificate (which you have installed).
  • The Emulator can then be used as usual. 

If you are experiencing issues in addition to the untrusted developer error, your device's specifications may be to issue, or you may have received a corrupted app file.

The expert advice is only downloading and installing apps from reputable websites [If you know of a better website, please leave a comment below the site name]. Additionally, test each iOS Emulator to see which functions appropriately.

Last Words

We did our best to highlight the top GBAiOS emulator so that you guys will not run into any installation-related issues. We have highlighted five of the iPhone's top iOS emulators that work with nearly all versions, including iOS 13.