Man Man-Dugu Red _ txt Novel Paradise

How could they be willing to put it up for auction? Where does this Lingbao come from? What's the secret? For a moment, everyone was full of doubts, but almost no one could say why.


Li Yu-ling just opened her eyes. "Poof!" "Poof!" Two, and two sleeve arrows break the air to hit, a rush after the heart, a hit before the heart, before and after the attack. Li Yu-ling still did not pick up, then flashed to the left, just dodged the two sleeve arrows, "poof!" "Poof!" The sound is loud, the sleeve arrows hit from all directions, all over the sky rain, gather Li Yu-ling all over the body, refers to unexpectedly all is the big hole. Li Yu-ling raised her eyebrows, pulled down the wide cloth belt around her waist, and with a sweep, all the sleeve arrows in the sky fell to the ground, and some of them were all shot around. "Tuk!" "Tuk!" Some shot at the gate of the main hall, and some shot at the broken walls on both sides. He opened his mouth with the wide cloth belt. "Anything else?" "Don't be perky!" A cold voice answered, "You may not be able to go back alive if you avoid these two tricks." "Now that I'm here," said Li Yu-ling, "I'm not going to leave the temple with my whole body. If I were a hero, why would I shrink my head and talk?" "Li, I'll break your dog's mouth." A figure swept out of the hall and shouted at the right moment from behind the broken wall on the east side: "Xiao Lin, stop!" Out of the hall, the figure suddenly stopped and stood on the high steps, staring at Li Yu-ling, his eyes ready to breathe fire. It was the young man, Qin Tianxiang's own nephew. Then, behind the broken wall in the east, a man flashed out. It was the strong man with thick eyebrows and big eyes, Qin Tianxiang's second brother. In a broken house in the west,mobile racking systems, a strong man with a white face also stood out. Without looking back, Li Yu-ling knew that there were two others standing behind her, and that it was the two of them who had just collapsed the gate. Now, five people were standing on all sides, just surrounding Li Yu-ling in the courtyard. Li Yu-ling didn't care. "It's all here," she said with an indifferent smile. "It's just right, so I don't have to run around.." The strong man with thick eyebrows and big eyes said coldly, "Li, are you looking for our men?" Li Yu-ling said, "I've been ordered to wipe out the bad people and catch the rebels.." The young man shouted angrily, "Eagle Claw Sun, dog leg, shut your foul mouth. We are worried that you won't come. Today this'Medicine King Temple 'is the place where you stand dead.." Li Yu-ling glanced coldly at the strong man with thick eyebrows and big eyes and said, "Did you hurt my friend Le?" The strong man with thick eyebrows and big eyes said coldly, "Yes, warehouse storage racks ,push back racking system, he has a big life. He only broke one of his arms. It's a big bargain. Li, to be honest, that's for you. Le has suffered for you. You escaped that experience, but you can't get rid of it.." "It's hard to say which of us is unlucky.." said Li Yu-ling. "Just watch," said the strong man with thick eyebrows and big eyes! Take care of him. "Chop!" There was a sound behind him. When Li Yu-ling saw three of them coming in front of her, she also felt the strong wind behind her, and went straight to the back of her heart and waist, all of which were deadly. "Good," said Li Yu-ling! Dare to be surrounded and beaten, five against one. "To you this kind of eagle claw grandson, the dog leg also pays attention to this, today wants your life, you admit it!" The words came from behind. Li Yu-ling smiled indifferently, shaking and waving the wide cloth belt in his hand, and immediately forced back two and a half pairs. Taking advantage of the five retreats, the wide cloth belt in his hand shook and swept the young man's calf in the middle, only to hear "Bang!" With a crash, the young man fell firmly on all fours. The young man turned over and climbed up and retreated to the steps. Li Yu-ling smiled. "With that, can you have five?" "You try again!" When the strong man with thick eyebrows and big eyes said this, all five of them showed their weapons. The young man opposite was a dagger. The strong man with thick eyebrows and big eyes in the east was a soft steel whip. The strong man with white face in the west was a short black iron bar. Behind him were two iron rulers. No matter what, they were all deadly guys. Li Yu-ling saw it in her eyes and smiled indifferently: "I'll use this wide cloth belt to play with you five." As soon as he spoke, the five men rushed up and handed them their sticks together, all pointing to the big hole, with the intention of letting Li Yu-ling lie down. Li Yu-ling was so skillful that she was not afraid of this. With a wide cloth in her hand, she launched a life-and-death struggle with a pair of fives. The five were not weak, and someone else would have let them fall. Unfortunately, the five of them met Li Yu-ling. Just after the five strokes, the young man took off a dagger first, and Li Yu-ling swept a cloth belt on his wrist. The pain made the young man pull back. Lie down As soon as Li Yu-ling handed over the cloth belt, it was wrapped around the young man's calf. With a shake, the young man was really obedient and immediately lay down. Afraid that Li Yu-ling had hurt the young man, the four men shouted loudly, and the offensive suddenly tightened and turned sharply. Li Yu-ling laughed and said, "If I hurt him ten more times, he won't be able to run away." With a roll of cloth and an exclamation of surprise, the iron bar in the hands of the strong man with a white face flew into the air. "Bang!" The ground fell on the roof of the hall and smashed a tile. The face of the strong man with thick eyebrows and big eyes changed color. "Second brother, third brother, retreat!" He exclaimed. The three men suddenly retreated a pair and a half, but Li Yu-ling did not chase them. As soon as he drew back the wide cloth belt and was about to speak, the strong man with thick eyebrows and big eyes crossed the soft steel whip to his left hand and opened his mouth. The look on his face was frightening. Greet him for a change. He felt inside his waist and put on a deerskin glove. Then the young man and the strong man with a white face took a deerskin glove from their waists and put it on their right hands. Needless to say, it must be poison. Li Yu-ling raised her eyebrows and said, "You five had better not force me.." "Force you!" The strong man with thick eyebrows and big eyes smiled and said, "This is a dead date. If we don't lie down, we won't break up. What I want is your life. You'd better not show mercy!" When the words fell, he touched his waist again. Li Yu-ling also raised her eyebrows by three points. At that moment, there was a sudden dry cough in the hall, and a strange voice with phlegm in the throat came out: "Lord Medicine!"! You also do not open your eyes, they quarrel my sleep not to say, they are here to risk their lives,warehousing storage solutions, you also do not care? Really Li Yu-ling's heart jumped, and she knew that Luotuosheng's spiritual divinatory symbol had come true. The five were stunned at the same time. They all looked into the hall. "Who is it?" They shouted at the same time. "Who?" "I'm a poor beggar," said the voice in a strange voice. "Is your master kind enough to give a few alms?" 。