Only like me.

How could they be willing to put it up for auction? Where does this Lingbao come from? What's the secret? For a moment, everyone was full of doubts, but almost no one could say why.


Thank you for your support. Leave a message and send a red envelope. Finally, although the text is only 6900 words, but with the words, I am almost 8400, enough. It's time to play. He called Song Yue's name, "Song Yue, don't be angry." Song Yue folded his arms and buried his head on the table, whimpering and ignoring him. Chu Rui was sitting there, looking at Song Yue, who had only a dark skull left, in a panic. For a moment, he sat up straight and turned his eyes to the textbook. Song Yue waited for half a ring, just waiting for one not to get angry, and then, then, there was no other movement. She suddenly raised her head and looked at Chu Rui fiercely. You, you. "All right, don't be angry." He turned his head and smiled at her. Show her the draft book. Song Yue's line of sight looked past. It was a girl wearing devil's horns, wielding a long whip, and a little boy below her was half kneeling, with his head down. Song Yue burst out laughing. Ha ha ha, Chu Rui,industrial racking systems, you draw it as if this boy is proposing to this girl. Chu Rui's heartbeat first increased rapidly, and then he grabbed the painting back with a black face. Song Yue, what are you thinking about? Chu Rui arrived word by word. Song Yue covered his mouth and was secretly happy. Song Yue's shot put competition was over on the first day, and she also lived up to expectations, and she was the first to throw. That afternoon, when Bissell finished, Song Yue dragged Chu Rui back to the classroom. She took out the big bag she carried this morning. Her bag was a big bag that she usually used for traveling. When she carried it on her back this morning, Chu Rui's whole face was puzzled. He thought he was going to open it in the morning,mobile racking systems, but Song Yue put it under his desk until now. Song Yue was a little empty. She looked at Chu Rui and hesitated to speak. What's the matter Song Yue bit his lip and gave the bag to Chu Rui. Don't get me wrong. I don't mean to look down on you. It's just that when you're the boss, you should always be nice to your younger brother. This is for you. She said a long list in a thunderclap. Chu Rui stared at the big bag and actually had the answer in her heart. Song Yue's head looked to the east and then to the right. Chu Rui chuckled. The classroom was empty, and his smile was particularly noticeable. Song Yue gave a dry cough. I'll take it, thank you. Song Yue's eyes fell on his face. Chu Rui's eyes are light, especially clear, his smile this time. It is not the gloomy smile of the past, nor is it a very arrogant and disgusting smile. It's a smile from the heart. Song Yue licked his lips. "Don't thank me." "Well, no thanks." "I'm leaving." Song Yue said. And then she ran away. Her back disappeared in front of the window, and Chu Rui's lips remained hooked. Five thousand meters was run on the last day, and it was the grand finale. As soon as Chu Rui got on the runway, he saw Yan Lang doing warm-up exercises. When Yan Lang saw Chu Rui, he came over with a smile and said hello, "Chu Rui, how is it?" Chu Rui looked at him deeply, "very good." The line of sight fights in the air. Chu Xiaodi, warehouse pallet racks ,heavy duty cantilever racks, Chu Xiaodi. Song Yue ran over, "a bottle of Red Bull." Yan Lang's heart was blocked, and he looked at Song Yue, who was smiling at Chu Rui, and his heart was full of mixed feelings. Chu Rui smiled at Yan Lang and took the drink from Song Yue's hand. Song Yue looked up at this time and bumped into the smiling eyes of Yan Lang. She's a little embarrassed. Very embarrassed. Yan Lang is smiling, the line of sight falls on Song Yue's hand, Song Yue's hand also has a bottle of mineral water. But Song Yue is not stupid, Chu Rui is obviously hostile to Yan Lang, especially every time she says good things about Yan Lang, his eyes are dark, it seems, want to eat him. Song read and very embarrassed, read the elder sister although the heart is very positive, she also knows, if give Chu Rui to take drinks, and give Yan Lang to take water, will appear bitch. In particular, I had chased Yan Lang before, and I always felt that I was ingratiating myself. She could only silently say "come on", then chuckle and walk away from the dangerous encirclement between the two men. At this time, Xie Kaiqing ran over and brought a bottle of water to Yan Lang. Song Yue felt better. The game is about to start. Song Yue stood in the inner circle, watching the game nervously and nervously. Because in this competition, Yan Lang and Chu Rui, the two handsome men, reached the peak of the autumn sports meeting. There was a bang and a shot rang out. More than twenty students flew out like arrowheads off the string. She heard someone talking nearby. Who has a better chance of winning? "I think it's Yan Lang, and the last champion was him." "Press Chu Rui, he stands there, look at his firm eyes, he will win." "Zhou Zipin also has a big chance to win. Last year's 400 and 1000 meters were all his champions." Hear Chu Rui and Yan Lang Song Yue is not unusual, Zhou Zipin? She looked forward, Zhou Ziping in the school is also a man of the hour, he two ruffian two ruffian. The result is not good, once she and next door about the fight, just ran into him and another group of people about the fight. The two people also had a shallow friendship. On the field, Chu Yan Lang and Zhou Zipin are all in the middle position. Five thousand is a process of comparing endurance, and it is also a time of comparing tactics. Song Yue must believe in Chu Rui's tactics, but his endurance, she said she was a little worried. Especially at present, there is Yan Lang, the top of the list last year, followed by Zhou Zipin, a tall and strong man. Chu Rui's chances of winning are really not too big. Song Yue actually doesn't care much about Chu Rui's winning or losing, but Chu Rui himself cares. Under Chu Rui's calm expression, there is a heart that is both proud and self-abased. Five thousand eyes saw that only the last two hundred meters were left, and some students had already given up halfway, which was not beyond Song Yue's expectation. There were only three strong winners left in the end. In the first position is Zhou Zipin, followed by Chu Rui, Yan Lang is about one meter away from Chu Rui. Three people dare to chase me, and the hearts of the fans outside the court are pulled up. Chu Rui,shuttle rack system, you are the best. "Yan Lang, come on, come on.".