Endless sword outfit

How could they be willing to put it up for auction? Where does this Lingbao come from? What's the secret? For a moment, everyone was full of doubts, but almost no one could say why.


After waiting for the maid to deliver the bottle of silver for the millennium crane birthday, Ye Bai still couldn't believe it. He reached out his hand and slowly rubbed the small sapphire bottle in his hand. The tentacles were warm and cool, and it was very smooth. When he opened it, there was a layer of purple material like nephrite inside, clear and transparent, emitting a strange fragrance. Ye Bai took a breath ecstatically. This is the Millennium Crane Birthday. In the sword stone, the old sword was silent. Looking at this scene, the Millennium Crane Birthday, which is extremely difficult to find in his mouth, was found in this way, and unexpectedly. It's only 410,000 taels of silver! These people really don't know the value of the Millennium Crane Birthday or. Sure enough, a small place is a small place, hey, if this thing falls into the hands of a Xuanwang, Xuanzun level of the strong, they can understand the true value of this thing. Unexpectedly, someone is willing to take 410,000 taels of silver to auction, which is true! Jian Lao was speechless for a while. Carefully received the sapphire bottle in his arms, which was 410,000 taels of silver. Ye Bai had never seen so much money before. In his hands, a thick stack of silver tickets had only a few thin chapters left, but Ye Bai felt extremely satisfied. With this millennium crane birthday, the three items are all together, and Ye Bai can finally begin to try to mix the clear eye spirit water. If the mixing is successful, he can begin to practice the second layer of the "Wangqi formula", "refining the eyes to give birth to the rainbow!" Once he succeeds in reaching the second level of "Wangqi Jue", he can rely on his skills to earn a lot of wealth, and then buy Xuanbing to form a sword array! At that time, he had the capital to compete with the real strong. Ye Bai wanted to leave,wire mesh decking, he could not wait, but at that moment, the two words read out by the old man in purple robe completely stopped him, as if he had taken root, he turned his head stiffly and looked at the stage! Like him, under the stage, among the hundreds of dark pavilions on all sides, there was complete silence. Everyone turned their heads and stared at the old man in purple robes. They stared at an unremarkable ring in his hand, which was no different from a normal ring. There was even a slight patina in some places, which made it look a little dim. Lingbao! In this auction, the last item to be auctioned is a low-level Lingbao,Teardrop Pallet Racking, bronze ring, space Lingbao, storage space, one side, the starting price is 3 million taels of silver, and each price increase should not be less than 500,000 taels! …… …… Ye Bai froze, all the people under the stage froze, and even, in the dark pavilion, the elders of the four big families, the disciples, some foreign guests, some lone owls, all froze one by one. How could this last auction item be Lingbao? What is Lingbao? In this world, no matter the first rank or the second rank or the third rank, or the ninth rank, they are all in the category of weapons. They are just a weapon, not a treasure. However, there are some special things that have special functions. They are made of spiritual objects born from heaven and earth. These spiritual objects are different and have their own wonderful uses, but they all have one thing in common, which is hard to find in the world! Xuanbing has nine ranks, heavy duty cantilever racks ,heavy duty metal racks, elixir has nine ranks, fierce beast has nine orders, but Lingbao has only five ranks. The entire Luolin Empire has been passed down to this day, and there has not been a single Lingbao. The entire Blue Moon Principality has been passed down to this day. Only three hundred years ago, there was a low-level Lingbao, Shenmu Bracelet. In order to rob it, sixty Xuanshi, eight Xuanzong, and two Xuanwang fell. Finally, the Shenmu Bracelet disappeared and its whereabouts were unknown. Above the blue moon principality, is the purple flower kingdom, purple flower kingdom, like the blue moon principality of such a small country, there are more than ten, Luo Lin such a small country, there are more than a hundred, but the whole kingdom of purple flower, also only appeared three times LingBao, it is said that the last time, is a thing called refining belt, that time, even the only two Xuanzun of the kingdom of purple flower, have The eight Xuanwang who had been accumulated by the Kingdom of Purple Flowers for a hundred years had all fallen, and none of them was left, not to mention the Xuanzong and Xuanshi below. I don't know how many of them had died. All of a sudden, the vitality was badly damaged, and two other enemy countries almost took advantage of the situation. Later, a mysterious strong man made a move to stabilize the situation, but the belt of refining treasure was also missing. Things that can be called treasures all have incredible magical powers, which ordinary people can't think of, and which ordinary people can't do. But no one knows what they are. The first order Lingbao is already very few, almost invisible, not to mention the second order Lingbao and the third order Lingbao. Inside Lingbao, the most well-known is the use of storage, the name of the refining belt does not know what it is, but three hundred years ago, the sacred wood bracelet appeared in the Blue Moon Principality, measuring a three-party storage bracelet, and today, the Purple Moon Auction is openly auctioned here, it is also a storage Lingbao, bronze ring, although only one side of the size. It's one level short of the sacred wood bracelet that appeared in the Blue Moon Principality three hundred years ago, but. After all, this is Lingbao, ah, with the existence of Xuanbing can not be compared, even if the people who have the ninth order Xuanbing, may not be able to have a Lingbao! Therefore, when the old man in purple robe presented the last item of the auction in front of everyone, everyone showed a state of collective materialization, and everyone had an expression of disbelief. Full text update, TXT download, all in the novel Knight http://www.xs74.com/. Chapter 79, Lingbao, Bronze Ring II Full text update, TXT download, all in the novel Knight http://www.xs74.com/, whether it is a sacred wood bracelet, or a refining belt, or a bronze ring, are all Lingbao, not that their value is necessarily greater than those high-level Xuanbing, but because of its rarity, it has become an identity, a symbol of strength. There are only a handful of people who can own a Lingbao in the whole continent, and each of them is a famous person. So fishy? A city of fire and clouds. How could there be a spirit family? Now that the Tan Tai family has got a Lingbao,industrial racking systems, it's too late to hide it. How could they be willing to put it up for auction? Where does this Lingbao come from? What's the secret? For a moment, everyone was full of doubts, but almost no one could say why. jracking.com