Heaven Heaven

Are you waiting for Xiang Xiang's soul to come back? Don't you.. Can you see a ghost? I recalled that Zhao Zhen seemed to be able to see Xiu Rui before, but I was still a little uncertain.


At the critical moment, the gale and mirror water at the same time, with the strength of three people to form an invisible wall of air, and Yue Fan's knife potential collision together, then four people at the same time shake back! …… Strong! To defeat three with one is not to fall behind! Others are not clear, but in the blue sky and the mirror water three people are shocked, especially the mirror water three people. They can clearly feel that Li Yuefan's breath has just stepped into the realm of heaven, but such a great power is shocking. Even if the other side is suspected of a sneak attack, but such a strong offensive is simply appalling, when the real people do not three days is not impressive! "Another handprint!"! OK! Very well — "" Remembering the scene when the dust incense was taken away, Yue Fan could not help but feel a pain in his heart, his eyes burst out with two terrible lights, and then, regardless of the obstruction of blood and gas, the whole person rushed forward again. This time, his eyes were even more crazy! "Get back!" Seeing this, the gale shouted loudly, and the three of them retreated at the same time, leaping like ghosts to the height of the temple. Then the "Three Flag Warriors" swarmed up and blocked Yue Fan! "Poof!" With a slight muffled sound, the warrior who practiced "Blood Nerve" and was like King Kong was cut off with a knife! Under the mask, the expressions of the three people in the mirror and water are surprisingly dignified. Do it! Blood River Change- " Three people at the same time play the book hand formula, a red halo in their fingers wandering, changing! …… Under the cold moonlight, a layer of blood fog filled the whole Shaolin courtyard,stainless steel edge trim, the bodies on the ground had already turned into a pool of blood, gradually rising. Go up.. Keep surging! "Ah-ah-ah-" "Ah ~ ~ ~" Help me! Help me. "Let me out — let me out —" …… The whole world was covered with blood, and Shaolin monks struggled in a pool of blood. Faced with the erosion of the pool of blood, they cried hysterically and screamed in despair. The scene was like hell! At this time, Qingtian and others are under tremendous pressure, and have been unable to take care of others. Pain! Bloody! Horror! An unprecedented disaster swept across the whole Shaolin. Volume 8 Chapter 55 Force Breaking Blood Array Blade Cold (2) The night is cold and silent, I do not know whether it is heartless or indifferent! At the foot of Songshan Mountain, the lights have been gradually extinguished, and people are sleeping peacefully in their dreams. There is the grace of life in the dream,aluminum tile trim, there are sensual dogs and horses in the dream, there is the poverty in the dream and the sadness of life and death. When they wake up tomorrow, they are still alive, still running for tomorrow, still existing.. But now, no one can hear the call of despair, see the dead beaver, and no one will know that Shaolin is covered by blood at this time, and countless monks who fall into hell are struggling in pain.. Struggling.. The sky is a bloody haze, the ground is a bloody sea, the whole world is surrounded by an invisible barrier, no one can break out! "Ah-ah ~ ~ ~" "No-" Help me! Master, help me! …… Desperate scream seems so pale and powerless, Miaoxu is too busy to take care of himself, how can he save the people? Blood permeates the skin of Shaolin monks and corrodes their bodies. At this moment, there is no Buddha, no demon in their hearts, tile profile factory ,tile trim manufacturers, they just want to live, just want to leave this endless hell, or they pray for a happy liberation! Although the Buddha cultivates the golden body and reincarnation, it is much better to live than to die. Just because, living is hope! The sky and the earth seem to be about to close. The seven people, Qingtian, Kongwen, Kou Fei, Mo Bei, Diao Ming, Jiuxuan and Miaoxu, stand on the "sea of blood" and bear tremendous pressure. Only by relying on the invincible innate Gang Qi to protect themselves, can they avoid being swallowed up by the red tide. Yue Fan, on the other hand, even beheaded several "Three Banners Warriors", pulled himself out and stood alone in a pool of blood. He didn't care that his white robe was infected. The blood-red "Hundred Plagues Sword" buzzed in his hands, as if excited! Like greed! Like violence! See the other side retreat, "three flag warriors" also do not pursue, all hidden in the fog of blood. …… Self-reproach, bitterness, indignation, powerlessness! This is a disaster of life and death! Looking at the desperate Shaolin monks struggling in the "Sea of Blood", Qingtian and Kongwen looked sad, and Kou Fei and others were also full of anger. Only because of a moment of carelessness, only to create such an irremediable situation, if they and others start to start, perhaps. "Drink-" Under the great pressure, Kou Fei was so angry that he raised his heavy broadsword and cut it in the air! "Asking the Eight Laws of Heaven", ghosts and gods are frightened! …… "Poof!" Only heard a muffled sound, but there was no reaction around! Kongwen, Taixiao and Mobei looked at each other, then jumped up at the same time, and used their own stunts one after another to strike hard! "Xuanwu Ice Breaks the Nine Heavens." …… "Sacrifice one's life to prove the truth, and Vajra protects one's body." …… "Supreme Tai Chi, the True Method of Heaven Gang." …… "Poof, poof, poof." The same few muffled sound, three people return without success, a burst of discouragement in the heart. Withdrawing his broadsword, Kou Fei stared in surprise and said, "Damn it!"! What the hell is so powerful?! "This is a formation, and it's a very powerful formation." Yue Fan opened his mouth slowly, and everyone was surprised! Only then did they notice that Yue Fan was standing in the sea of blood, but was not affected at all! "Formation?!" Everyone looked stunned, and even Diao Ming, who was erudite and had a lot of research on the way of formation, was at a loss. These people are the top masters in Jianghu, and they are not strangers to the art of formation. But where have they ever seen such a wonderful, weird and ruthless formation? Yue Fan's face was calm and his sharp eyes searched the four directions. As a qualified hunter, this time is the need for calm! "All directions are isolated by this blood fog, even the spirit can not perceive." What a great formation! Yue Fan frowned, his mind flashed, and the sword in his hand tried to cut around. "Sniff-" Dao Feng Sen Han,aluminum tile edge trim, unexpectedly like hitting on cotton, a burst of weakness! “……” Yue Fan kept silent, secretly thinking about the method of breaking the array. jecatrims.com