Medicine man of the other world

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The soldiers of the Celestial Empire followed the two men out of the door, and only two dozen dudes and the old ghost of the dark sky showed a mysterious look on their faces and happily stayed in the hall.

A drop of cold sweat flowed straight down from Kata's forehead. I can't imagine that if the typhoon ball hit me just now, I would die. No, it should be said that there is no whole body! Others also almost froze, such an attack wave, even experienced hundreds of battles, killed countless high-level Warcraft they have never seen. Class S! The crowd almost uttered a shocking word in unison. No wonder Kent, who is usually not surprised by the collapse of Mount Tai, would lose his temper like that. Fear quickly spread, and everyone in the room knew very well what "S-class" stood for-destruction, and death. Without Kent's command, everyone has tacitly used the strongest trick. Kent's water snake quickly gathered and turned into two water dragons, binding the injured legs of Warcraft respectively. Kent is very self-aware, with his strength, it is absolutely impossible to trap this powerful and terrible guy, can only concentrate on one point, hoping to temporarily slow it down. Spellmaster Blues bit his lip and sprayed blood on his arm. Two amulets of spiritual power flew out. The two amulets were black and shiny, as if they were weightless. However, all the people who saw them had a strange feeling of suffocation. Soon the effect of the spell was revealed, and as soon as it stuck to Warcraft's legs, the ground under its feet sank nearly a meter deep, as if the two spells were as heavy as two mountains. The amulet is called a hypergravity amulet,tape measure clip, which is beyond the limit of the amulet master's own spiritual power. After that, the vitality will be greatly damaged, but at this time it is the critical moment of life and death, and he dares not hold back. You know, that's S-class Warcraft! Any breath can send countless humans to death. In a Warcraft siege more than a decade ago, there was an S-class Warcraft, which destroyed the whole third-class city alone, and none of the citizens survived. Unbound warrior Kata broadsword brandished three high-compression flame bombs,Diameter tape measure, but instead of attacking Warcraft directly, it exploded on the land in front of it. In the explosion, the dust was flying, blocking the view of Warcraft. From this, we can see that Kata looks rude, but in fact he is a smart and careful person. The knight Sanaringer turned from defense to attack, gathering all his spiritual power on the shield, forming a light shield with a radius of three meters, flowing with silver light, like water waves, and tightly protecting his partner behind him. It is the famous stunt of Sana Lingge, the Aura Shield, which has the same blocking effect as the general shield, but it can remove the force several times stronger than itself to achieve a stronger defensive effect. Sana Linge has always been very confident about his move, but at the moment there is no bottom in his heart. The power of S-level Warcraft is no longer several times his power, Walking tape measure ,Surveyors tape measure, a hundred times, a thousand times is possible. He could only secretly pray that Jupiter, the God of luck, would give him and his companions enough luck to escape the disaster. Priest Carlin can't help too much, so she can only retreat quickly and protect the broken Kata and Sana Lingge, although she knows that no matter how she adds, as long as she is hit by S-level Warcraft, her companions will surely turn to ashes in an instant. The blue night is also in the retreat to the empty place tree unceasingly shoots the burst arrow, in order to divert the attention of the Warcraft in the dust. Berserker mercenary regiment "is a strong and experienced group, the transition between attack and defense is so smooth, in the face of danger is still not meat, and can foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, will play their own advantages incisively and vividly.". The cooperation between each member of the team is seamless, forming a perfect whole. A group of people take advantage of the short-term success and chaos to fly back, because they know very well that they have no strength to defeat S-class Warcraft, even if it is one thousandth, one thousandth of the victory may not be available. Mercenaries are not fools, and they will not know that they are not strong enough to do it, otherwise they would have died countless times. Maybe the terrible Warcraft was held back by the crowd, or maybe it didn't want to chase at all. Berserker mercenary regiment "people never found its trace behind them, at this time the Blues has been forced to send out overweight amulet, overdraft of spiritual power passed unconscious, carried by the roaring beast of the Knight Sana Linge.". "Colonel, what should I do?" Kata said with a lingering fear as he swept out of the kamikaze with a light body. The others were all focused on Kent, and he was the only one qualified to make a decision on such a change. Kent's face turned bright and dark, wondering what he was thinking. Kata said tentatively, "Why don't you report to the guild and apply for sending a large mercenary regiment?" Kent breathed a sigh of relief, as if he had made up his mind, and said slowly, "No, give up Green Town!" Kata was shocked when he heard this. His nature was like a raging fire. Regardless of offending the majesty of the regimental commander, he shouted, "How can I do that?"? I'm the first to disapprove. How many lives would that be? Bi Ye glanced at him coldly. "Shut up, Kata. The colonel has his own plan." She knew that Kent had always loved the common people, and that it was impossible to abandon all the people of Green Town, and that his words just now must have meant something else. Kata seems to be very afraid of this beautiful, but very hot archer MM, dare not say anything, but the dissatisfaction on his face is unable to hide. Kent said in a deep voice, "I mean, take the whole town and evacuate." "What?" This is simply ground-breaking, not to mention Kata, even Biye, Karin and Sana Lingge, who has always been very few words, are somewhat hard to believe. Kent said helplessly, "There is no other way. The strength of S-class Warcraft is hard to imagine. We can't send a large-scale mercenary regiment for the people in the town.". You should know that there is only one more year left for Warcraft to attack the city. Every mercenary is an elite. Any sacrifice is a great loss to the Empire. To destroy S-class Warcraft is not something that can be done at the expense of a few people. Therefore,Wheel tape measure, the only way is to evacuate the whole town. After a little thought, they thought it was really the best way, but it was hard to accept such a big job for a while.