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As the grandson of the female emperor of Tao Kingdom and the daughter of the little princess, the village leader is even more duty-bound. Feng Zhanfei stood up and came forward. As soon as Lu yuan saw it, he drew his sword in front of the bed.


Fatty and I stuck out our tongues. I didn't expect it to be so valuable. I made up my mind to go back to Shaanxi and make up some money for Li Chunlai. Otherwise, he would suffer too much. While eating and talking, inadvertently, the topic went to the ancient tombs in Shaanxi. Dajinya said, "Although I haven't been to Shaanxi in person, I have heard some colleagues who have been there to collect things talk about it. Qinchuan is a place of civil and military prosperity. The land of the Three Qin Dynasty is deep in soil and water. There are countless good things buried underground. In Longxiang County alone, there are nearly 100,000 ancient tombs. In some places, there is an ancient tomb under the earth, and there are several cultural layers." It is said that there are many large tombs in the Daba Mountain area of the Qinling Mountains. I thought, if I have a chance, I must go there and collect some good things. Even if I can't collect them, it's good to open my eyes, but I'm not in good health and I haven't had a chance to go. I said, "I was just thinking about when I would be free to go there. Why don't we go to play together and collect some things by the way? You go with us, and we can take care of each other all the way." The three of them hit it off immediately and discussed when to set off. I had heard that there were many dragon veins in the Qinling Mountains. I wanted to go to investigate on the spot. It was better to find a big fight and pay off the usury of the American girl. The days of carrying debts were really hard. But there is no clear goal, just ready to go there to see again, so I did not intend to bring any equipment, only with engineer shovel, wolf eye flashlight, simple gas mask and other things, it is enough, and then bring more cash, hoping to receive a few treasures back. The big gold tooth said: "The things dug out over there are all underground transactions, which have already formed a certain procedure. It is very difficult for outsiders to intervene. If we want to collect valuable things, we have to go to the most remote place. If we don't have them, we will make a lot of money." The fat man suddenly remembered something and said to us, "Do we have to bring more black donkey hooves? I heard that there are the most zombies over there." I said, "It's good to wear a few with you. Be prepared. But we're not going to fight over there. We're mainly going out to play and collecting some things. We don't have to worry about meeting big dumplings." "Master Hu," said the big gold tooth, "you are a great expert in geomancy. You say there are more black and white. How do you explain this phenomenon from the perspective of geomancy?" I said, "Fierce can also be said to refer to zombies, while black and white refer to different corpses. Since ancient times, there has been a saying of raising corpses,Magnesium Oxide price, but I don't understand that. Now that we're talking about this, I'll talk about it from the perspective of geomancy." Chapter V Crossing the River Speaking of zombies, that history can be long, we call zombies in the inverted bucket industry as big dumplings, not casually according to the name, saying that after the death of this person, buried in peace, buried in peace, has become a zombie. A good geomantic cave for burying the dead can not only let the dead sleep peacefully, but also bless the descendants, make the family prosperous, business prosperous, and the house peaceful. But some places are not suitable for burying people. If the dead are buried, there will be no peace for the dead, and it will even harm others. "Burying in the ground" can be divided into two situations. On the one hand, the mountains and rivers are evil and the situation is chaotic. Such a place is not suitable for burying people. Once the ancestors are buried, their families will be in chaos. If they are light, their wives and daughters will be immoral, caustic calcined magnesite ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, and their houses will be burned. If they are heavy, their women will be sick and their men will be imprisoned, and their descendants will die. The second situation will not harm the descendants of their families, but will only make the dead restless, immortal for thousands of years, become zombies, endless disasters, of course, this is not a good embalming technology, but related to the location and environment of the tomb. In geomantic omen, the two most important points are "shape" and "potential". "Shape" refers to the mountain shape of the terrain where the tomb is located, and "potential" refers to the state of the mountain shape of the terrain. Once "shape" and "potential" are contrary to each other, the earth vein is not smooth, and the geomantic omen is disordered, it will produce a phenomenon that violates the laws of nature, and the most typical phenomenon is that the corpse buried in the earth does not decay and becomes a zombie. Fatty laughs: "This is really interesting, still seem to have so bit of academic basis really, look like that to return a responsibility quite.". ” The big gold tooth didn't take these as a joke like a fat man. He was very interested in these things. He asked some details and sighed: "It's really not easy to find a place with good geomantic omen, but all the good places with both good luck and good luck have been occupied. Five thousand years of Chinese civilization, how many Dynasties, how many generations, put the emperors and old men together, I'm afraid they can make up a strong company." Plus the emperor's relatives, how many dragon veins are not enough to bury. I explained to Big Gold Teeth that there are countless dragon veins in China, but there are not many dragon veins that can bury people. There is a saying in Mojin: The road of the dragon has its own truth, and the body of the dragon is floating and looming. The dragon gives birth to nine sons, each different, temperament, disposition, ability and appearance are all different. The same is true of the dragon vein, which is much more complicated than the nine sons of the dragon. The Kunlun Mountains can be said to be the root of the world's dragon vein, and all the mountains can be seen as branches of the Kunlun Mountains. These branches and branches can be regarded as independent dragon veins. The ups and downs of the earth veins are dragons. The dragon refers to the "shape" of the mountains. With the size of the world, the dragon-shaped veins are innumerable. However, according to the difference between "shape" and "potential", these dragon veins, or bad or auspicious, or auspicious or evil, are quite different. From the point of view of form, it is indeed a dragon vein, but from the point of view of potential, it can be divided into sinking dragon, hidden dragon, flying dragon, rising dragon, flying dragon, group dragon, returning dragon, going out of the ocean dragon, returning dragon, lying dragon, dead dragon and hidden dragon. Only the auspicious dragon head, which is shaped like a giant tripod covering the earth and like a huge wave wrapping the world, can bury the king. Another level can be buried as a thousand times. Although the rest belong to the dragon vein, they are not suitable for burying the nobles in the palace. Some fierce dragons are not even suitable for burying ordinary people. The big gold tooth asked again, "The mystery is really endless. Master Hu,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, do you think this dragon vein really works?"? Think that Qin Shihuang is an emperor through the ages, his Qin Mausoleum geomantic situation must be excellent, why only to Qin II on the change of Dynasty? 。