Liuhu Xiayin-Huanzhu Landlord _ txt Novel Paradise

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Nanyang Yu Shi saw that his martial arts were not weak, and his moves were strange. Whenever he touched

When Zhao and Wang knew how terrible it was, they flew up and shouted, "How dare you, ignorant old man, practice this evil method! I taught you retribution when you were young!" As he spoke, the man had already flown up, and as soon as he reached the stage, his eyes turned red, and the shadow of blood was already on his upper body. Two people before the future, then listen to the division commander said that this array is fierce, a few days ago Qiaogu had warned, and spread the method of avoidance. Unexpectedly, the Stronghold Leader was ferocious by nature. Once he was enraged, he became a mortal enemy. He had to fight, and his intentions were even more vicious. At this time, he wanted to abuse the two of them enough, and even his beloved daughter Qiaogu had vented her anger and wanted to kill them. The two of them caught a glimpse of the blood curtain flying down. Just now when the empty fire cloud was broken by the treasure light, the evil law was just so so, and I didn't care much about it, but unexpectedly it was more powerful than before. When the curtain of blood that enveloped the whole mountain descended, the oncoming force was faster than electricity. The men and women of the mountain below were all enveloped. They saw it through their bodies, but they did not feel it. In a twinkling of an eye, they were wrapped up. At that time, they were slightly dizzy and shivered. They could not help but be frightened. Fortunately, the body has a treasure to protect, not the upper body, the soul has a warning sign. Knowing that something was wrong, he quickly pinched the magic formula and, according to the teacher's biography, pointed to his chest, and the precious light outside his body suddenly turned strong. At the same time, he used Xuangong to control his mind. Although he was not harmed,gold cil machine, the red shadow of the blood light was already attached to the light of the treasure, and people and treasures were all glued together, so he could not move. There is a very strong pressure from top to bottom, which makes people feel very uncomfortable. Had to wait patiently, secretly with all their strength to resist. When the Stronghold Leader saw that the two of them were trapped by the bloody light, he grinned grimly and scolded, "How dare you, ignorant little dog, be rude to me!"! Today is the village dance festival of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Benshan. It's rare for you Han people to meet in a hundred years. Let's teach you how to see. Before you die, you can feast your eyes. If you want to eat wine and meat, it is also ready-made, and someone will deliver it when you open your mouth. If you want to get away,portable gold wash plant, you have to bow your head and enter the mountain, and kneel down for three days and nights in front of the throne of my fire ancestor, so that you can spare your husband and wife's life. Otherwise, after the assembly, no matter how far apart my unfilial daughter is, no matter how far apart she is, she will throw in at once. Even if someone else hides her, I will have a feeling that I will order someone to find her and save her here. With her appearance and ability, she used to be so infatuated with you, but you refused to do so. She suffered a lot, was poisoned, and saved your life. Although you are my enemy, I know that you are sincere and sincere, and that you love my daughter deeply at this time. Since you refuse to surrender and carry my mountain rules, I will make you die a terrible death. After watching the village dance, your sweetheart will be captured, in front of you, teach you to see an example, how to die for you. Then cremate you into ashes, take away the primordial spirit, and suffer the pain of refining the soul forever. As for what you said about Bai, Zhu Erdui and Jiang Shu, sodium cyanide price ,mineral flotation, under the guise of my former teacher's will, they have repeatedly annoyed me. I have hated them and have long wanted to find them. It is their good fortune not to come here today. If they dare to come here, they will not even be able to get an old bone back. Look at the will of the two old ghosts, Tiandu and Minghe. What can I do with them? As he spoke, his face suddenly sank. He turned to the white-clad sorcerer who was sitting cross-legged at the top and said, "Where is your disciple, Lu Buye?"? Is there such a thing as what the two little dogs said? The sorcerer was the old white man. Hearing this, he replied lightly, "You don't tell lies in front of real people.". You have promised to marry my disciple. Why did you promise your daughter to marry the little thief just now? If he subdues and becomes a wife, my disciple will be in vain. If the little dog stubbornly refuses to subdue and you kill your daughter, there is still no hope. Since you are capricious, how can you blame my disciple for doing it first? I see that this female primordial deity is solidified, and her roots and bones are very good. It is just right for me to suppress the main banner. Anyway, your daughter will die, and you won't marry my disciple. Why don't you lend me her soul? Why do you look for her? The Stronghold Leader was attracted by a friend because Bai Laoweng and his disciples were not bosom friends, but they did not agree with each other. Don't hate to do it again this time, and take away the clever words of the gods and demons refined by the sorcerer, which is more powerful than the evil power refined by himself. A few days ago, I heard that I was forced to kill the whole family by Huan Gu, a good mountain girl. I was forced to propose marriage to myself. I became more and more resentful, just for the sake of employing people, and forced to endure. As soon as I heard that my beloved daughter had been taken away, I was furious. It happened that the two assistants who were indispensable to the evil array of beasts had already flown in that night: one was Si Taixu, the Taoist of Ma Guan, and the other was Wei Chixia, the fairy of the Golden Basin. They were both experts, and their evil methods were higher than those of Master Bai Laoweng and his disciples. Not only did they help others in the evil array, but they could also resist the strong enemies such as Bai and Zhu Erdi. They It is not good to get rid of his master and disciples together. And listen to such an answer, is about to attack. Standing next to Yuegu and Zhu Renhu, since the Stronghold Leader released blood light to cover Zhao and Wang, knowing that they were not spared, they cursed a few words in unison and went to stand beside the Stronghold Leader. As soon as she saw the argument between the two sides, Yuegu, because she did not want to take Qiaogu away, was the instigator of her own plot. She was afraid that the white old man would break her, which would be unfavorable to her, and she was waiting for persuasion. The white old man had been sitting upright beside him, with a calm expression and a gloomy expression, but suddenly there seemed to be some warning sign. As soon as the blue light flashed, the man disappeared. At the same time, I heard the sound of a thunderbolt in the distance, and soon there were two escape lights flying in, revealing a Taoist with a hemp crown and a long beard on his chest, and a Taoist nun with a golden basin in her hand, dressed in a light red Luo suit. The Stronghold Leader quickly stood up and shouted with a smile, "Two Taoist friends, why did you come back at such a time?"? The divine fire is burning and waiting for its arrival. It was Maguan Taoist Si Taixu and Wei Chixia, the Golden Basin Fairy, who returned the ceremony and took their seats. "It's too early," said Si Taixu with a smile. "There was an old friend in the mountains nearby. We went to visit him. On the way, we met Lu Jin, a disciple of Nipandu. We talked for a while, so we came to the evening film. How did the two evil masters and disciples disappear? The Stronghold Leader briefly described the past, but he was still angry. He said that he was going to practice the Dharma and make Qiaogu come to vote. Wei Chixia said with a smile, "When I came here just now, I saw a blue light. It looked like the evil man Lu Wu-ye had landed near Dazhu Peak.". I was passing by invisibly, and I went down to see that his appearance had changed. He was using the gods and demons refined by Nai Shi to ambush the place, and he also had an accomplice. But your daughter is not there. I don't know what he's doing. Flying here, I met Si Daoyou head-on and was flying with him. Then I saw a man flying down Dazhu Peak, followed by three young girls. That person's figure and appearance are all the same as Lu's. If the evil and the good are not different, they must be the same person. Approaching the top of the mountain, looking at the gods and demons flying at the foot of the peak, a large area of divine thunder suddenly broke out, several golden and red sword lights were flying, and heard the sound of breaking the air flying from the cliff, but no one was seen. I think the gods and demons of his master and disciples will undoubtedly be removed by the enemy, and the old evil spirit will be in such a panic. Today the situation is very dangerous, trapped in the two young people but attached to the article, is a gunpowder introduction,tin beneficiation plant, white, Zhu two short and Jiang Shu, fear there are other strong enemies to come.