The big devil

The big devilThe big devilThe big devilThe big devilThe big devilThe big devil


Outside, Behimos and Birdzinya looked at the changes in puzzlement, not understanding what had happened. Only Han Shuo's disciple Blood Spirit, because he had been taught the common sense of magic by Han Shuo, vaguely knew something about it. Is Han Shuo doing something? Jiebi frowned slightly and muttered to herself without knowing why. The master is refining the utensils. The blood spirit heard Jiebi's soliloquy and answered softly. All the people who heard the words of the Blood Spirit, including Behimos, suddenly looked at Han Shuo. Their eyes were full of curiosity. Jiebi asked, "Refining?"? What is a refiner? "Similar to forging weapons, but more complex, in addition to some of the special materials required, but also the use of magic power and the essence of life blood, very wonderful." The blood spirit looked excitedly at Han Shuo, who had shot a bloody arrow from his finger, and explained subconsciously. For the explanation of the blood spirit, several people around are still confused, including the last big devil in the abyss, Behimos. I don't understand what's going on. A deep frown. The blood spirit did not say anything more, his eyes were shining, and he watched attentively as Han Shuo refined the magic weapon with his mind, impressing every gesture and formula of Han Shuo deeply in his mind. Can you really pass through the flow of stars and sand? Behimus asked himself in his heart. Green eyes transmission in the mysterious Han Shuo body,Inflatable water park on lake, all hope on Han Shuo body. Han Shuo is amazing. He always has some incredible performances. Two young girls, Hymana and Sylph, have reached a new height in their hearts since they knew that Han Shuo had become the Lord of the abyss. Han Shuo is omnipotent. Is the most powerful being in the world. Suddenly, a few brilliant light, from Han Shuo's body suddenly shot out, have fallen into his side of the gully. All of a sudden, those gullies seemed to be connected into a line in the light,Inflatable outdoor park, and a few of the glittering objects, shining with brilliant light, shot around Han Shuo's side, surrounded by blood shadows that were transmitted on those things. Just for a moment. All those things fell into the palm of Han Shuo's hand. Han Shuo, who had been silent all the time, suddenly opened his eyes and smiled. He saw Han Shuo's body flying around vaguely, and the colorful flags beside him disappeared completely in his space ring. As soon as the figure flashed, Han Shuo arrived at Behimos's side and took out a crystal clear bracelet. Pass it to Behimos. Tao: With it, I want to pass through the flow of stars and sand. It's not difficult. Confused, Behimos reached for the seemingly ordinary gadget and said doubtfully, "Can such a small thing allow me to cross the stream of stars and sand?" Nodding his head, Han Shuo said confidently, "Don't worry, you can!"! It's called a soul ring, Inflatable water park factory ,Inflatable water obstacle course, and you can protect your soul from external forces. It's just that time is limited and we need to cross quickly. "How can I trust you?" Behimos did not take advantage of it easily, rubbing the soul ring gently with his fingers and looking at Han Shuo uncertainly. Believe it or not, well, we'll go first, and you can weigh it yourself. Han Shuo smiled and then told Behimus how to use the soul ring. This kind of small magic weapon is not difficult to refine, if Han Shuo is willing to refine the repeated use, but now Han Shuo has taken the abyss as his own private territory, do not want any God to be able to easily enter. Since the only plane transport array outside, just have the natural barrier of star quicksand, Han Shuo must make good use of it. While Behimus was holding the soul ring in silence, Han Shuo took out a few more and handed them to Blood Spirit Jiebi and Hymana Silver respectively, explaining in detail how to use the soul ring. My Lord, we can leave with you. Bird stepped forward, knelt down on one knee in front of Han Shuo, and petitioned. Shaking his head with a smile, Han Shuo said, "It's not necessary for the time being. You two have the closest relationship with me. You stay in the abyss to help me take care of it and accept the beliefs of all the people in the abyss.". Don't worry, maybe I'll come back soon and take you with me to help me eradicate some enemies. ” At present, the situation of the Chiao continent is not clear. Han Shuo is not in a hurry to let Bird and Zinia leave together. Once they can reach the Chiao continent smoothly this time, the abyss world is equivalent to a huge back garden of Han Shuo. When the time comes, they can do whatever they want. Now the most important thing is to get everything done in the abyss world first and reverse the beliefs of all the people. As you wish, my Lord! As soon as Han Shuo explained this, Bird didn't say anything more. You two leave first and sweep away all the forces in the abyss. When I come here next time, I hope there will be no resistance in the abyss. Han Shuo nodded and ordered. The two of them did not say anything more, but respectfully saluted Han Shuo and flew away silently. Looking up at the stars and quicksand in the air, Han Shuo's two incarnations suddenly floated out, each holding a soul ring in his hand. When Han Shuo was ready to go deep into it, he saw that Behimos was still hesitant. Han Shuo thought for a moment and suddenly raised his voice: "Are you going or not?" Behimos was silent, looking at the stars and the green eyes of the quicksand. Han Shuo knew in his heart that Behimos should not be afraid of deliberately harming him, but because he was too afraid of the power of the stars and quicksand to trust the soul ring he had refined. Master, if he doesn't go, let's go first. Blood spirit since with Han Shuo, after a bloody massacre, the whole person is getting bolder and bolder, now facing Behimos this big devil, unexpectedly also not too afraid. The body of the blood spirit of the heart is really extraordinary, his tenacious mind has been gradually reflected, on the contrary, with Han Shuo for a long time with Jiebi and others, in the face of Behimos, there is still fear. The three daughters of Jiebi, Hymana and Sylph, carefully holding the soul ring, looked up at the stars and quicksand,inflatable amusement park, and their eyes were still a little timid. A woman is really a woman. In the face of this kind of thing, she is not as courageous as a man. Han Shuo sighed in his heart and thought for a moment. Han Shuo ordered the blood spirit: "You use the soul ring, and I will take you to the place where the stars and quicksand turn around." 。