Dinosaur Army in the Other World

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Dinosaur Army in the Other WorldDinosaur Army in the Other World

Lin Feng smiled, "Don't think your man is a fool, those bird feathers, I will kill them as soon as I have a chance!"! I have to practice now! Faint! Practice again! Aren't you tired? Heino they looked at the back of Lin Ban who disappeared in a hurry, and they couldn't help laughing, and their hearts were sunken in the secret room where the summoner practiced. Lin Feng sat cross-legged, his eyes curled up like an old monk in meditation. Practice the trick! Lin Feng took all the time to practice the formula. Every second counts! Quoting 8.. Strong, resentful.. "Rectify" Lin Feng so selfless practice, ignore the passage of time,Agate Slabs Countertops, in the process of practice, will also encounter some bottlenecks, but Lin Ban by repeated impact, relying on patience,White Marble Mosaic, constantly breaking through one after another J neck. For the time being, there is no bottleneck that is difficult to break through. "Tian Bi.." Tian Bi.. Finally, Lin Feng is still stuck in the first, Tian Bi, this gesture, repeatedly hit tens of thousands of times! Successful breakthrough! In this way, Lin Feng was immersed in the practice of "time flowing past him minute by minute, Grey Marble Slab ,Artificial Marble Slabs," saying to each other. Youyou.. Craftsman.. Uh. Another earthquake? Just when Lin Ban was practicing vigorously, the high multiple practice chamber shook and bumped violently, and Lin Feng knew that it was the overseer who was urging himself. En, in the lethargic treasure hunters, should be awakened, now with Lin Feng, together with the supervisor to uncover the seal of the two treasures, Lin inserted directly stood up, eyes flowing out of the expression of expectation.. Outside the secret room of high multiple cultivation. In the huge square, there are a large number of "class gods" suspended, and in the sky outside the square, there are also maggot-like "class gods". They all have a tired pallor on their faces. Apparently, they're exhausted! They are constantly using their own divinity to infiltrate into the souls of the treasure hunters who are in a coma, and to lift the souls of the treasure hunters. This is a very heavy job. At this moment, Gates, Tinga, Boban and other treasure hunters have awakened from their lethargy. "They look at Lin Ban with complicated eyes, gnashing their teeth with deep fear, and they all know very well in their hearts." If there is no external force, they may have to sleep for tens of thousands of years and wake up, which is terrible! Ok! After the efforts of Koutian, you finally came to life! Now let's go to uncover the seals of the two treasures together! The overseer can't wait to say, the efforts of the day? Lin Feng in the heart a surprised, originally oneself in the high multiple practice secret room,Agate Stone Price, one stay is the mouth day "oneself also at a loss do not know!"! It seems that time really passes quickly when you practice in seclusion, just like running water. No wonder the characters in those martial arts novels have been in seclusion for decades! Come with me The overseer greeted the crowd and flew south, and all the treasure hunters flew to follow the overseer. And Lin Wu also summoned a fire Raptor and followed closely. Marx's two important treasures will be displayed in the eyes of the public. forustone.com