Fall with the heart -- the blind imperial concubine to be married

Fall with the heart -- the blind imperial concubine to be marriedFall with the heart -- the blind imperial concubine to be married


But let Ning Tianhe pain! "I just don't want to give up easily." She is not reconciled Very not easy to move, she wanted to catch his arms, has been To old age! She wants him to stay with her. Ning Tianhe shook his head: "There is no hope." I won't be disappointed. I don't want you to be disappointed, and I don't want to let myself down. I hope again! It took him a lifetime to make himself. Accept all this! He didn't want his heart to change, that knot. Fruit is not he can bear, he does not want to hate, do not want to To blame.. I don't want to be selfish to her anymore! Man's greed If there is no mind at the beginning, then the mind is like a flat mirror. And why fear life and death? He I just don't want her treating him. Have hope! Because he was afraid of her despair! The atmosphere in the study is quiet and suffocating, water ice. Xuan's faith was almost shaken under his eyes! But next A second or hard voice: "I want you to go!"! ” Ning Tianhe shook his head: "Xuan, give up this idea." Come on, I won't go! "Why?" The willow eyebrows close up. Ning Tianhe did not make a sound again, but was silent. "I have asked my eldest brother to accompany us to the Poison Valley." And he said yes. Shui Bingxuan looked out of the window. The scenery, said lightly. I know you don't want to go because you don't want to be yourself. Have expectations, do not want to make me sad,fake ficus tree, but, Tianhe Have you ever thought that if you don't go, just let it go? I watched your life go by, my heart has How painful? Ning Tianhe raised his eyes and looked out of the window complicatedly. Shui Bingxuan, the sadness in the clear eyes is so heavy, let People can not help but see the nose acid! Walk forward slowly Go and hold her gently behind her back so that she won't see his eyes. In the mourning: "Xuan,silk ficus tree, we don't want each other." Have too deep feelings, okay? Shui Bingxuan's body trembled because of his Words and sorrow! Ning Tianhe felt the trembling in his arms, pale. His face was like white paper, and his thick eyelashes closed slowly. Come on, don't let the trace of grief come out! With all one's strength Tao can control your emotions and stay calm. When I opened my eyes again, my eyes were indifferent and my voice was calm. Xuan, if you really want to do something for me, then.. Let me be satisfied in the last period of time. The only wish of life! Let the people in the north live without food and clothing. Worry about life, okay? Shui Bingxuan slowly turned his body and opened his eyes wide. Big, in the water eye has the silk to be injured: "This is you only wants." Yes? Then what is she? Is there any silk in his heart? The status of a milligram? He won't even try again for her. ! How does this make her accept? Ning Tianhe looked at the injury in her eyes, large artificial blossom trees ,silk ficus tree, and her heart was bleeding. His face was as calm as water, and his eyes were indifferent, looking at the water. Bing Xuan nodded: "Yes, this is my only wish!" " She was the last wish of his life, but. He But I can't afford it! Tears fell down the corner of their eyes and flowed into them. Heart, scalded two hearts, Shui Bingxuan never. She felt that she was so fragile, and this is what she remembered. The second time I shed tears in my memory, the first time was for him! Tears …… Ha ha, in the heart desperately laughing, the original water ice Xuan will also shed tears. Her unscrupulous mommy, if you look. See, will not believe! Because Even she doesn't believe it's hers. Tears! Ning Tianhe quietly watched her tears slip from the corner of her eyes. Fall, face calm as if did not see, light look. "You shouldn't be like this!" She said. "What about me?"? What is it like in your heart? Yes? Shui Bingxuan still had tears on her face, revealing a touch. Bright smile tightly staring at Ning Tianhe! Ning Tianhe frowned and turned around. You are tired, go back and have a good rest! Princess? Princess? The smile on Shui Bingxuan's face Intensified, tears also uncontrollably wet the whole face! Oops Breathe, she can't breathe, a suffocating pain in the whole body. Body spread.. Reach out your hand and hold your chest tightly. Have to catch that trembling heart. Tears blur the eyes, eyes It was so hazy that she couldn't even see his back to her. Figure. Time passed by minute by minute, and Shui Bingxuan tried desperately. Breathing, but she still couldn't feel the breath in her heart. Smooth.. Ning Tianhe clenched his hand tightly with all his strength. He told himself that he couldn't let her sink any deeper, that's all. Let her give up early! He can't turn back. Turn back. He can't control himself! "Jing Zhu!" She has to leave, or he will. Can not control the heart of reluctance, the pain in the heart! He wants to hug She got into her arms and told her that she was as good as dead. It's in his blood! Let his heart be out of control. Make! Hearing his voice, Shui Bingxuan waved the back of her hand forcefully. He wiped away all the tears on his face and wiped away all the tears on his face. Some pain! She has her pride! She is only willing to be with him. Show her vulnerability in front of the individual. Yes, Wang Ye! Jing Zhu came in with a calm face. Send the princess back to the backyard! Holding one's breath is difficult. Spit a word out of your mouth! He was mentally and physically exhausted. Yes, Princess, please! Jing Zhu glanced at his face. The calm princess, Jing Zhu said respectfully. No, I can walk by myself! Shui Bingxuan carries The feet moved as heavy as lead! No Take another look at Ning Tianhe with his back to her, or she will. See him tremble with forbearance. "Sir." Jing Zhu looked at Shui Bingxuan step by step. She left slowly, but her body was a little unsteady,Faux cherry blossom tree, and she wanted to go up. He held it forward and was pushed away by Shui Bingxuan. Had to turn around and look. Ning Tianhe. You go down, too. Faint voice let is Try to leave the water ice Xuan body a meal, and then as if without it. Things are moving forward again. His calmness made her feel bad. The man clenched his teeth and retreated into his world. Li. Kicked her out. What is she in his heart? What is it?. hacartificialtree.com