The warm wind is not as affectionate as you.

The flowers in your room are so beautiful every day. I can't see you for a month. I don't even know whether


The flowers in your room are so beautiful every day. I can't see you for a month. I don't even know whether you are withered or in full bloom. Sometimes people may have such a kind of persistence, especially for the people they love deeply. Whether the other party is alive or dead, even if it is only a loess bone, as long as she can see it, at least she will feel at ease. But for the whole month, the only time she looked in was when the doctor opened the door, and saw Mo Jingshen lying on the white hospital bed, quiet and motionless, with all kinds of colored threads and tubes of all kinds of instruments on his body. He did not open his eyes, not even his eyelashes. Just such a blink of an eye to see then closed the door, can no longer see. It's been a whole month. Ji Nuan, as always, calls Mo Jingshen three times a day and sends him a text message before going to bed. After a long time, she was also at a loss. If he went to sleep like this, did he not want her? Why so strong into her life, turn her life, but quietly lying there motionless, let her so afraid? …… It's snowing heavily,plastic pallet price, and with a few more snowfalls in Los Angeles in February, the winter will be over. Ji Nuan, wrapped in a white cashmere coat, sat on the steps in front of the hospital. Her head was covered with white snow. Because she had not moved much, the snow had not melted. She had fallen a lot on her head. From a distance, she looked like a snowman piled up on the steps. Qin Siting walked out of the hospital and saw this scene. He put one hand in his pants pocket and gazed at it for a long time before he went down. When he got to Ji Nuan's side, he helped her pat the snow off her head,plastic bulk containers, and then took off his coat and put it on her. Ji Nuan did not need to turn his eyes, only slightly sideways to see Qin Siting's leather shoes, and did not move again. He sleeps all the time, and there's no point for you to come and wait like this every day. "I think you'd better go back to Haicheng first," said Qin Siting. "Your studio still needs you. The Ji family and Mr. Mo also need you to go back and appease them." Ji Nuan looked at the car speeding by the roadside in silence and said lightly, "Dr. Qin, didn't you fly from Haicheng specially and stay here for so long without going back?"? Your home and focus of work are in Haicheng, but you've been here all the time recently. Aren't you waiting? Qin Siting looked down at her, sighed and smiled for a moment, and simply sat down, sitting on the same step with her, looking in the same direction with Ji Nuan. After a long time, he said, ibc spill pallet ,collapsible pallet box, "Even I don't know when he will wake up. If he doesn't wake up for a year, are you going to wait here for a year?"? He won't wake up for ten years. Are you going to wait for ten years? Ji Nuan did not speak, but took his cell phone and looked back and forth at the messages he had sent to Mo Jingshen. Every day, there are already many unread messages from the other party. Chapter 360: It turns out that the truth is.. Ji Nuan got a call from the police. The driver of the giant van died in prison in the early hours of this morning. When Ji Nuan heard this, he put on his clothes and went out quickly. When he rushed to the police station, the police showed her the surveillance in the prison and gave her the death certificate of the driver and the results of the forensic examination. The forensic doctor found some kind of slow poison on the body of the driver. When the deceased died, he vomited black blood at the mouth. The internal organs had been destroyed unconsciously. None of the internal organs were intact. There was no way to save the day. Looking at the video playback of the driver suddenly spitting blood and falling to the ground in the surveillance, and then looking at the results of the forensic examination, Ji Nuan felt cold hands and feet in an instant. Prison, slow poison, spitting blood. It's the same way she died in a previous life. She had always thought that it was because everyone in her previous life believed that she had killed Yun's daughter, so the deceased's family joined hands with the prison to want her to die, or that Ji Mengran, who was far away in the United States, had some contact with the prison people. At that time, she did not know the existence of Anshuyan and Su Zhilan, but it did not mean that they did not know her existence. So at whose hands did she die in her previous life? The same way of death, the playback of the lens like a thorn in the eyes of the season, she can even feel the driver in prison suddenly spurted blood to fall to the ground, that terrible feeling of pain all over, that kind of desperate sense of suffocation. "Did Su Zhilan go back to Su's house?" Ji Nuan directly paused the playback and looked up at the police station. Yes, Miss Su was taken back by her grandfather for the time being, but as a suspect, her freedom will be controlled by us for the time being, and she can't leave Los Angeles easily. Ji Nuan's hand was holding the results of the forensic examination in his hand, looking at the scientific name of the drug on it, and silently remembering it in his heart. After leaving the police station, Ji Nuan used her cell phone to check the ingredients of the poison and the symptoms of poisoning in the car. When Feng Ling was driving, she saw Ji Nuan sitting there quietly looking at her cell phone. Her motionless appearance seemed to be no different from the previous few days, but there seemed to be something more in her eyes. It's cold. It's cold. Ji Nuan checked the explanation of mania again. Typical symptoms are high mood, excessive thinking and inner activities, excessive self-confidence, even exaggerated imagination and behavior, most of the time will be excited and restless, without considering the consequences of any purpose, is a calm time can not see any disease, but once the spirit is stimulated, or when they persist in what they want to do. There will be too dark and excited performance different from ordinary people. So Su Zhilan's mania is different from Su Xueyi's madness, Su Xueyi is really crazy, irrational madness, and Su Zhilan is buried in the calm and rational surface of self-confidence and darkness, there will be a variety of endless rich means. Back at the hospital,plastic pallet suppliers, Qin Siting had just come out of the ward of Mo Jingshen, and Ji Nuan was already waiting in the aisle. Dr. Qin, is this medicine very common in the market? Ji Nuan handed him the results of forensic examination.