Li Liang-Emperor Tianqi

"When Liu Zhihong, a Confucianist and Taoist, heard the sound, he was angry and immediately scolded in a deep


"When Liu Zhihong, a Confucianist and Taoist, heard the sound, he was angry and immediately scolded in a deep voice:" I heard that you are really the fierce soul driven by the wind'devouring the soul of the ghost king '. You have lived to the end of your life, but you don't go to the underworld to reincarnate. However, you are willing to be driven by the ghost king and endanger the soul of the underworld. What you have done is against the secret of heaven. Therefore, listen to the advice of this law Break away from the ghost king as soon as possible and turn to the underworld, otherwise you will be robbed by five thunderstorms, and you will never have the chance of reincarnation. Bai-Ji Yi is like an ordinary child. How dare you talk nonsense? This is more than seven hundred years before the ghost king, how free is the rumor? Even the ghost emperors of the five sides of the underworld are helpless. How can this envoy be willing to humiliate himself and go to the underworld to be tortured? "Humph!"! As expected by this law. You are all evil people in the Yang world. After death, you are still unwilling to go to the underworld to be punished in purgatory according to the good and evil of the Yang world, and even bring disaster to the Yin world again. "Ben Dharma Zun has no scruples, and there is no need to make an exception and let you wait." Coax--frame- "after knowing nothing about the common people, die to the end, still dare to boast?"? It would be strange if this ghost didn't suck your soul. "In an instant, the ghost fog suddenly rolled and spread, and the shrill sound of the screaming ghost covered Liu Zhihong." However, "Ruyi Liu Zhihong was not afraid, and his right hand was drawn to the yellow amulet in his left hand." Four yellow amulets rise in the air in four seasons. Unexpectedly only reflects the red amulet to record the ray of light to shine to the ghost fog. Suddenly,Nail machine manufacturer, the ghost fog seemed to be illuminated by the fierce sun, and the layers turned into light smoke and disappeared. However, in the shrill scream of the ghost, there is still a large area of ghost fog rolling fearlessly toward Liu Zhihong, trying to turn Liu Zhihong's life into a ghost. Hum, really fierce! "Confucianism and Taoism" Liu Zhihong shouted angrily in his heart, and the other four yellow charms in his hands also rose in the air. In an instant,iron nail machine, each of them flashed golden light and red records. The lightning flashed in the air, and the thunder of the nine-day God burst. Record a fierce and fierce shock to the rolling ghost, "squeak-bite-pulse-bite-" "squeak-weave-squeak" "look-look-squeak-head … The shrill and shrill ghost squeaked in horror, and saw that the rolling ghost fog was shaken away by a record of divine thunder. Bones fell from the sky one by one, and many ferocious souls had been beaten out of their wits, and there was no reincarnation. Although the five thunder amulets are fierce. However, there was still some spread of ghost fog to the top of Liu Zhihong's head, but Liu Zhihong stood still and hit a "palm thunder" into the ghost fog with both hands. Squeak-look-bite-squeak- "Suddenly, the ghost fog surged and sizzled into puffs of smoke and disappeared, and when some of the ghosts gradually faded away, a group of ghost fog rushed to the north." "Bark!"! Where to escape? Then he received a palm from Dharma Zun. "When Liu Zhihong of Confucianism and Taoism stared at that group of escaping ghosts and fog and shouted angrily." Has been raised to gather the whole body strength, the right palm fiercely hit a "palm thunder". Instantly like nine days God thunder like thunderclap, palm strength has been fiercely hit to the ghost fog and through the air screeching sound, Iron Nail Making Machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, there are bursts of dull thunder sounded again and again. Suddenly, there was a shrill and shrill sound, and immediately I saw that the group of ghosts and mists were shaking and flying, and the shadow of a soul also turned into light smoke in horror and disappeared in the mountain wind. The other side has already scattered into more than ten groups of ghost fog, all of which are still being gradually dispersed by the shock of the four "evil amulets" and the four "five thunder evil amulets". Fierce soul and fierce soul, in fear of the mournful sound, already dare not try to be brave, but frightened to flee in all directions. I dare not stay, but is the amulet given by Liu Zhihong of Confucianism and Taoism the ordinary Taoist method learned by ordinary Taoist priests? Dao Dao Fu Lu is the record of Laojun Xianlu that "Dongzhen Zhenren" learned when he was practicing Taoism again in "Taishang Qingjing Dachitian Dou Shuigong" after his corpse was dismembered and ascended. Later, Liu Zhihong's mind was filled with records of immortals and Dharmas by receiving the jade order of "yuanshi Tianzun" to appear and pass on the Dharma. And in the "Maoshan Longevity Palace" one by one. Therefore, as soon as the record of the eight immortals was tied out, it never stopped before it was fully accomplished. As a result, none of the scattered ghosts and mists could escape from the cover of the amulet. Finally, they turned into light smoke one by one, and their souls disappeared. The ghost fog is all gone. The record of the eight immortals has also gradually disappeared, flying back to the willows in the hands of Hong, making the barren hills dark again, and the stars twinkling in the sky again. Xiao Bai, who had been afraid to hide, was so happy and excited that he squeaked and jumped again and again. He said with a giggle, "Childe, you are really awesome. You only cast eight fairy amulets and several palm thunder, and then you killed them all." Liu Zhihong, a Confucianist and Taoist, laughed when he heard this, but he shook his head and said, "Xiao Bai, don't be happy." If I hadn't recently learned the golden elixir of Taiji, which has greatly increased the base of Taoism and made Taoism more effective, besides, these fierce souls are only some ghost pawns driven by the ghost king of devouring souls, not the powerful souls with profound magic. "If it were a fierce ghost in front of the soul-eating ghost king, I'm afraid it wouldn't be so easy to get rid of it." "Childe!"! Are some ferocious souls the enemy of your profound immortal method? So they must not dare to come again. "Hey!"! Xiaobai, don't be arrogant and look down on them. You should know that the ghost emperor of the underworld and the seventy-two departments are still unable to detain them. From this we can see that there must be a lot of fierce ghosts with profound magic in front of the throne of "devouring ghosts", so if I meet them-alas-it seems that I should also refine the Golden Light Charm which has not yet been understood. So as not to encounter extremely ferocious ghosts but unable to subdue them, and so that they will also turn into ghosts and be coerced by them. "Xiaobai was very worried when he heard the childe's words, and immediately asked in a timid voice:" Gong Yu-that- "Is there any protective method in that method? Or what are the more powerful and effective Dharma objects and talismans? Or there is a way to quickly improve the foundation of Taoism. "" You only enjoy fun every day but don't think about practice, but now you see-I think about it-there is! Xiaobai, we must find a quiet place first. Then practice some Dharma objects and the way to protect oneself. "The vast and deep" Taihang Mountains "are full of towering peaks and steep mountains, so dangerous cliffs and deep valleys are everywhere. In addition, in the wild mountains where there are no people, fierce birds have appeared and disappeared. Therefore, except for a few hunters who dare to take risks,Automatic Nail Making Machine, people dare not commit suicide and ask for trouble. On a dangerous rock, on a rock with numerous pines and cypresses. In a prismatic area to the east, there is a cave more than ten feet high and twenty feet deep.