What is portable power station? Where can it be used?

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Portable power station is a high-tech product. Do you know portable power station? What is its application scenario? The following Xinghai Energy answers this question for you.

What is a portable power station

Portable power station is a generator that utilizes energy. It is equipped with AC and DC sockets, USB charging ports, etc., which can not only be used as a power source for small household appliances, but also charge smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets, and even some of them can be used for charging. Car charging, as a home backup power generation device, is an essential device for outdoor camping.


Application Scenarios of portable power stations

Portable energy storage is easy to carry and its capacity is much larger than that of ordinary power banks. The main scenarios are distributed in outdoor activities and emergency disaster preparedness.

1. Outdoor scene

For example, when traveling by car and outdoor camping, it supplies power to digital products and small household appliances, including speakers, mobile phones, computers, projectors, photography, fans, car refrigerators, drones and other equipment. It can also be used in field operations, exploration and testing. At present, due to the high enthusiasm for outdoor activities and the upgrading of digital home appliances, the outdoor application of portable energy storage has the largest demand, such as the US market, whose total demand in 2020 will account for 47.3% of the world's total.

2. Emergency scenarios

Such as indoor power outage emergency, indoor party power supply, small emergency rescue, etc.


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