Tips to keep your Dog's House Warm in Winters

So, I know that animals are made to weather the storm but they also need shelter and warmth. Especially if they are living in a DIY dog house.


Winter is coming. Ok no. Winter is here. And that means loads of bad weather especially outside.

So, I know that animals are made to weather the storm but they also need shelter and warmth. Especially if they are living in a DIY dog house. This is because this dog house won’t have any electricity to keep the dog warm. But before you keep a dog and make a DIY house for it make sure you have an esa letter for housing.

So, you will have to apply traditional methods instead.

Loads of traditional methods to keep your dog warm. So, try some of these tips.

Tip #1: Blankets

The best way to keep your dog warm is to retain the heat present in their bodies and this can be done with blankets.

Use as many blankets as you have and wrap them around the dog. Cover the floor of the house with blankets to ward off the chill.

This will make the dog and its house much, much warmer.

Tip #2: Patch Holes

Dog houses usually tend to have holes in them. We leave these holes in the summers so that our dogs can enjoy a fresh breeze but try to patch them up in winters.

Even a little bit of wind feels too much in the winters and will prevent the house from warming up.

So, patch up any holes that you find and hope for the best. As discussed earlier that you must have an emotional support animal letter before you do all this.

Tip #3: Insulation

But even if you patch up all the holes, air tends to get in.

So, to prevent that you will need to insulate the house. For dog houses, foiled-back foam is the best option. They are not only effective but also easy to install.

Also, do cover up the insulation so that your dog doesn’t end up destroying it.

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Tip #4: Use the Sun

Yes, the sun. Natural heat is the best way to warm us up and we all need it from time to time.

So, during day time, place the dog house in the path of the sunlight. Make sure to place it where the sunlight hits the most.

This will warm up the house nicely and your dog can remain warm throughout the day. If you are struggling to get an esa letter do not worry you can get an esa letter online.

Tip #5: A Closing Door

Most dog houses have an open door which is convenient but causes problems in the winter. 

Think about installing a door in the dog house so that you can close it at night or protect your doggo from bad weather.

It will also help to retain the heat inside the house and keep it warm.

Tip #6: Stuff the Dog House

Yeah. Stuff it. With blankets but also with big pillows and heating pads. The extra space will make the house colder so adding stuff will make it warmer. 

But you need to be careful. This is best done with the houses of small or medium sized dogs. Large dogs need space to move around so stuffing the house only causes problems for them. But dog house is not as important as the ESA letter that is why you an emotional support dog letter if you keep a dog as an ESA.

Tip #7: Raise the Floor

Try to lift the house and place it on a platform that is not the floor.

The floor gets cold in winters and all that cold seeps into the floor of the dog house which makes the house cold as well.

If the house is placed on a platform then this won’t happen and the house will remain at a cozy temperature.

So, try out these tips.

And keep your doggo warm and comfy. And if you ever think that you need an ESA then just get an esa letter for the dog you already have. Yes, you can do that. Isn’t that great?

So, in the case of an emergency, you will always have your beloved dog with you.

You get companionship and the dog gets all the love in the world. A match made in heaven, surely.


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