In A Few Different Aspects Of EVE Online

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"reduction is a Turning Point" in EVE Echoes ISK claims CCP CEO

According to CCP CEO Hilmar Pétursson, catastrophic loss is a"turning point" for gamers in EVE Online.The quote comes in GamesBeat Summit 2020 (through VentureBeat) which explores the importance of loss to EVE Online. Loss is seen as a driving factor for your future behavior in the game,

By dropping your spaceship or making a mistake that costs you everything that you've earned so far, in case you have the social support to get out of that, that is actually once you begin to develop into an Eve player for real." If you've played EVE Online, you understand the prevalence of reduction. In reality, Hilmar shared an observation the team has made that if players undergo loss, they float towards societal arrangements.

"They wish to help others, and also in a game that has so many opportunities for errors and reduction, that's where helpers flourish. And when we consider the men and women who identify as helpers, we see that they have the highest engagement." It's an interesting read and concept to say the least, given the seemingly relentless punishing nature of EVE Online. What has been the worst experience with reduction in EVE Online? Sound below.

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