Study In France

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If you happen to study at a college in Paris, you will not want to miss the wonders of the Eiffel Tower, you breathe in beauty and fun. This is a place for students and all ages. France is absolutely elegant in every way you can imagine - something you do not want to miss. Filled with culture of art, fashion, museum and wine, the opportunity to Study in France will certainly be more attractive than ever before. Whether you choose to start your studies in the capital or move closer to the northern or southern borders, each university offers a different specialization. Let’s find out what makes France the best place for higher education.



Before applying for these courses at French universities, the student should keep in mind that it is mandatory to meet all the qualification requirements for UG courses.

A student wishing to attend a bachelor's degree in France must have a high school diploma or equivalent.


Must have a French bachelor's degree or equivalent.


For UG admission in France the student has to pass the University Admission Test from home country.

If the student is interested in technology companies, he should be prepared to appear in the personal interview round.

Applicants should also submit IELTS / TOEFL marks.


For postgraduate courses:

France has a good reputation for its excellent postgraduate study programs. The postgraduate programs offered at French universities are really excellent. To apply for postgraduate courses at French universities, one must meet the qualifying requirement for postgraduate courses. In addition, there are three major types of study courses in French: Masters, Research Masters and PhD.

The primary requirement for students applying for a postgraduate program is that they have a related bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree diploma.

Students applying for doctoral degree must have a master’s degree or related diploma.

French universities often require standardized test scores such as GRE, GMAT, and SAT.

Grantus Ecoles will set their own choice as to what they need to qualify for admission.

It may be possible for some universities to offer admission based on interview status.

Educational forms for UG degree must also be submitted. These transcripts must be certified by the institution that issued the student’s current degree.