Know why Shopify is better than WordPress for setting up an e-commerce store

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This blog is all about the comparison between WordPress and Shopify to make clear important technical concepts.

Ecommerce websites are the heat growing sector in today’s advanced world because of their easy development and maintenance. Anyone can easily make an online store with basic or intermediate knowledge and set up their business e-commerce store. Especially Shopify and CMS like WordPress have made website development easier than before.

There is no need to deal with stressful codes and programs for website development and maintenance. WordPress and Shopify are the platforms that are available free of cost, all you need is to pay for domain and hosting when launching the website. Consult with Shopify Experts India to plan the business flow effectively.

But you might be confused about which platform is best for you, well it depends upon the functionality of your business website and budget. Both platforms are easily compatible with setting up e-commerce stores. This blog is all about the comparison between WordPress and Shopify to make clear important technical concepts.

What is actually Shopify and WordPress?

Shopify is basically a website builder that requires no technical knowledge so, people with little or no technical knowledge person can also easily create the website easily. While WordPress requires intermediate technical knowledge and skills to operate the backend platform and perform other customization.  Shopify charges a small amount of fee every month to keep the website live.

WordPress is basically a blogging tool that works similarly to the website builder, website can be easily functioned with the help of plugins according to the website features.  WordPress doesn’t charge a monthly fee. In WordPress, the website is directly hosted on the live server with an annual fee.

Shopify doesn’t require plugins and other installations because it comes with all basic inbuilt features and tools necessary for website building. On the other hand, WordPress is more time-consuming as compared to Shopify because it requires the selection of themes, domain, hosting, and many other necessary plugin installations.

While WordPress is easily customizable and flexible as compared to Shopify. But any customization can be easily performed in WordPress if your business is upgraded in the future. In the Shopify website case, customization is not allowed, for changing the theme, you need to format the entire content.


The main difference between WordPress and Shopify is coding. WordPress requires intermediate technical knowledge for the basic online store and pretty good programming knowledge to perform website customizations and theme changes.

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Final thoughts: Hope, from the above information, you might be clear about the basic and functional difference between WordPress and Shopify. If your business is static and you have a limited budget then Shopify is a good choice. But if you are thinking of long-term business growth and want certain customization and updates in the business then, choose WordPress, it might be a little expensive and require experts but it is worth it. Consult with Shopify Experts India for effective website optimization and planning.