Which games will be shown on EA Play Live this year?

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Which games will be shown on EA Play Live this year?

On the upcoming July 22nd, EA will showcase its games during its EA Play Live event. For many years, Electronic Arts has not formally become a part of E3. This time, EA decided to chase E3, which made many players look forward to the impressive performance. This year's E3 may be digital, but there are still many things worth seeing and talking about. Next, we will share some of our predictions about what EA or EA will bring to the E3 2021 season.

EA Sports
Since 1999, there has been a new Madden game every year. The new EA Sports game is as definite as the season changes. The FIFA series has not only launched a new game every year since 1994, but has also released 36 games in the past 26 years. This means that it is certain that the event will include footage from Madden 22 and FIFA 22. It is very likely that NHL 22 will appear, but it is currently uncertain. Technically, this is not the title of EA Sports, but seeing some shots of Skate 4 is still great. We assume that the game is still in the early stages of development. By the way, you can visit UTnice.com to learn more about the latest news about Madden NFL 22.

Since 2018, there have been no new entries in the series, although because 2K NBA games are still selling well, there is obviously a demand for more basketball. However, after the positive reaction announced last year, it is best to follow up with some in-game footage. However, it would be foolish to expect any kind of release date or even any substantive gameplay. We just can't wait to see some games running.

Racing Games
Last year, Electronic Arts acquired Codemasters, a well-known expert in this field, which gained a huge boost from racing games. Based on the new entries in the DiRT and Project CARS franchises that they released last year, what we can determine is a new F1 game from a franchise that often reaches its goals. Of course, Electronic Arts has its own racing game "Need for Speed". It will be interesting to see which tracks are included, as the actual F1 calendar and timetable are constantly changing due to the ongoing pandemic.

We have been looking forward to launching a new game in the series this year. However, Criterion, who has regained control of the franchise, needs help to complete the next Battlefield. This means that the new game may be postponed to next year. However, the installment payment may have completed quite a lot of work, so we can properly understand what the developers have prepared for us.